Corporate Profile: AIV

Corporate Profile: AIV - When Quality Matters

Medical Dealer | Corporate Profile | AIVFor over 30 years, AIV has supported the biomedical and clinical engineering community in two distinct areas. AIV directly assists biomedical professionals with parts and repair services, while also serving individual service organizations (ISOs), and other third-party medical companies. The growth of AIV and the quantity of services provided is a testament to hard work and stellar integrity.

What began as a dialysis repair facility in 1983 has expanded into a manufacturing and repair company that specializes in a full range of infusion pump solutions, fetal monitoring accessories, patient monitoring parts and repairs, and power distribution products.

“We have been able to thrive in this industry through innovation and quality products,” AIV Sales Director Jeff Taltavull says. “Anything that leaves our facility comes with a warranty, and we make it a priority to ensure our customers are satisfied.”

Innovation is another hallmark of AIV and the company provides it at an attractive price point for health care facilities with tight budgets in today’s evolving market tested by reforms and new regulations.

Medical Dealer | Corporate Profile | AIV“Our engineering department has rapid-prototyping capabilities to aid us in getting new products quickly to market,” Taltavull adds. “We offer services and repairs our customers can count on at prices that help them control their costs for maintaining medical equipment.”

In its decades of growth, AIV has not only added quality products and services. The company has also worked to achieve high global standards.

“In 2007, we upgraded to ISO 13485 control standards to bring the engineering and production of our parts into our regulated quality system,” Taltavull explains. “All of the parts we manufacture, as well as all of the repairs that are performed, are held to this standard. We are able to quickly design and create new AIV-manufactured replacement parts for many popular acute care devices. Our engineering department’s rapid prototyping capabilities enable us to ‘print’ prototype parts in house to begin the validation/fit process for new items.”

These quality measures have help propel AIV to become a leader in the market when it comes to providing support for older devices as well as the newest ones on the market.

Medical Dealer | Corporate Profile | When Quality Matters - AIV“We specialize in end of life support for many popular infusion pump models. We are committed to providing quality AIV-manufactured replacement parts and repair services for many Baxter, B. Braun, Medfusion and Hospira pumps for at least five years after the OEM discontinued support,” Taltavull says. “This offers our customers a quality, cost-effective solution to keep their current infusion pumps running safely and correctly.”

A focus on infusion therapy devices has helped AIV become a leader in this very important field. It also lets customers know that they have options and can save money by repairing devices instead of being forced to buy new infusion pumps. AIV works with customers to create a service option that is right for the client and the safety of the patients being cared for at the facility.

“AIV specializes in infusion pump support. We offer a full line of AIV-manufactured replacement parts for many popular pumps. We also offer repair services, and AIV-certified refurbished units,” Taltavull explains. “We offer support for many pumps the OEM has stopped supporting. This enables our customers to extend the life of their equipment, allowing them to continue to safely use the infusion equipment they currently own rather than needing to purchase costly brand new units.”

Medical Dealer | Corporate Profile | When Quality Matters - AIV“We give our customer options for their infusion pump service. We have a full line of individual replacement parts which enable facilities to make necessary repairs in-house,” he adds. “Customers can also send pumps to us for repair. We offer a flat rate repair program and traditional parts and labor services. Most customers now use our flat rate program which covers labor and all parts. This speeds up the return of the pump by eliminating the back and forth of estimates and approvals. It also allows departments to accurately forecast their repair budgets.”

“We also offer a full line of AIV-certified refurbished pumps. Customers can buy an infusion device that is safe and patient-ready out of the box while paying a fraction of what a new pump would cost,” Taltavull says.

AIV is also now offering replacement kits for popular telemetry units. These kits are easy to use, fix many problems and are a very cost-efficient solution. The kits provide cost savings and reduce downtime at health care facilities while also boosting patient care and patient satisfaction.

Medical Dealer | Corporate Profile | When Quality Matters - AIV“In addition to new parts and services for newer infusion devices, we are excited to now offer our replacement case kits for GE telemetry units,” Taltavull says. “These kits allow the replacement of the exterior casing, switch membranes and labels in less than six minutes. The kits cost about one third of a traditional transmitter repair, and the swap can be done in house with three simple tools, lessening equipment down time.”

While AIV has grown on an almost annual basis, the company has been able to remain connected. All of its employees work at one location facilitating communication and the ability to work quickly to provide customers with the solutions they need.

“AIV’s entire operation, from accounting to our repair depot, is housed in a single facility. This enables quick and direct communication between our departments to ensure our repairs, shipping and production operations are being performed as quickly and efficiently as possible,” Taltavull says.

AIV’s growth, however, is not stopping. The company continues to develop solutions for the many issues health care providers face today as well as the ones they will face in the near future.

“At AIV, we are always looking for what our customers need. We will continue to listen to their suggestions for new parts and repair options,” Taltavull says. “We didn’t grow to be the company we are today without exploring new markets. Two years ago, we branched out into the parameter module/telemetry transmitter parts and service arena.”

AIV is constantly finding ways to provide a helping hand and that usually results in growth for the company.

“We are always looking to grow our business into areas that can better serve our customers, and in 2015 we will continue to look to our customer base to decide what new products to develop,” Taltavull says. “We intend to expand our product lines for newer infusion pumps in the hospital and home health markets, as well as expand our service options for monitoring equipment.”

The company is also a leader when it comes to relocatable power taps and was able to overcome challenges in 2014 after comments by George Mills at AAMI made many health care facilities start to question the use of these devices.Medical Dealer | Corporate Profile | When Quality Matters - AIV

“At the 2014 AAMI Conference, George Mills of The Joint Commission (TJC) stated that Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) was informing TJC it would no longer allow the use of power taps in patient care areas, and TJC should cite facilities for using these items,” Taltavull explains. “As the manufacturer of the PowerMATE® line of Special Purpose Relocatable Power Taps (SPRPTs), this was a huge challenge for our company and the thousands of customers that have purchased these devices over the years.”

“In the weeks that followed this announcement, TJC, AAMI and ECRI Institute all contacted CMS to encourage them to re-examine their ruling, and issue a waiver to use these devices in their facilities,” he continues. “Four months after the Mills presentation, CMS did issue a categorical waiver for SPRPTs, allowing them to be used in patient care areas, providing they meet the UL-1363A electrical standards.”

This reminds Taltavull of a time when AIV came to the rescue of a customer with a special delivery of SPRPTs.

“We’re always willing to do whatever it takes for our customers. No demand is too great, and we will do everything in our power in order to satisfy every request that we can,” he says. “Recently, a customer needed over 50 of our PowerMATE® power taps rushed overnight to them for an impending inspection at their facility. The problem was they were calling us late in the afternoon, with overnight service being questionable. We were able to package all of the products, and arranged an extra courier pickup to ensure this customer’s order shipped overnight as they needed.”

AIV is evolving along with the health care landscape to remain on the cutting edge so that it can best address the needs of its customers. One example of this is the investment in a new 3D printer.

Medical Dealer | Corporate Profile | When Quality Matters - AIV“We’ve recently updated our Engineering Department with a new 3D prototype printer. This new machine can produce more intricate, higher quality plastic mockups, which help us get new infusion pump replacement parts to market quicker than ever,” Taltavull explains.

New high-tech equipment adds to AIV, but the employees are the real reason behind the company’s continued success. Success that is a reflection of the advances employees have had within the company.

“Our employees are the backbone of everything that happens at AIV. When dealing with medical devices you assume a measure of risk that makes it essential to have quality, dedicated employees,” Taltavull says. “We encourage each employee to develop professionally in areas that interest them, and make it a point to promote from within. The entire AIV senior management team has been at the company for over a decade in various roles within the organization.”

“At AIV our motto is ‘When Quality Matters.’ What that means is quality is in the forefront of everything we do from the design and manufacture of parts, to the repairs and other depot services we offer. We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality parts and services they can use, while still maintaining a reasonable cost to provide these items,” Taltavull says.

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