Varian Shares Vision of a World Without Fear of Cancer

The phrase "You have cancer" understandably strikes fear into the hearts of millions of patients diagnosed with the disease every year around the world. But what if we lived in a world without the fear of cancer? What might that world look like? Is it even possible or just a science fiction dream? Varian does not believe it is science fiction and has just published a new vision paper, "The Future of Cancer Care: Moving from Promise to Reality," to describe this future state and detail the challenges that must be overcome to realize it.

The Future of Cancer Care shows how advances in diagnostics, genomics, precision medicine, immunotherapy, care coordination, artificial intelligence, data analytics, and access to affordable care all play a part in achieving a world without fear of cancer. The paper also imagines the patient's journey at a time in the future when cancer is no longer feared because it has been transformed from a deadly disease to something manageable.

"Employees at Varian are passionate about creating a world without fear of cancer and are driven every day to develop technologies that power new victories in the fight against this disease," said Dow Wilson, president and chief executive officer at Varian. "This vision paper is an opportunity to share with the world our thoughts on how such a world is not just a vision but an achievable reality."

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