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Tadiran: TLM-1550-HP high power lithium metal oxide batteries
The ideal cordless bone drill used by surgeons needs to be small and ergonomic, providing freedom and mobility while performing powerfully and reliably. To accomplish this, BioAccess developed a bone drill powered by six TLM-1550-HP high power lithium metal oxide batteries. This 4.1 V battery pack delivers 15 A pulses with 5 A maximum continuous load, offers an extended temperature range suitable for autoclave sterilization, and weighs only 36 percent of an equivalent AA alkaline pack. If an AA alkaline pack was to deliver the same amount of power as the TLM-1550-HP battery pack, the drill would need to be three times heavier and twice the volume, requiring 15 AA-size alkaline batteries versus 6 AA-size TLM-1550-HP batteries. This battery upgrade also delivers greater stall torque, and the ability to perform reliably for 20 to 30 cycles of 30 to 40 seconds each with no power delay. This compact, lightweight power supply allows surgeons to operate more efficiently and ergonomically.

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