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Tadiran: TLH-2450

Developing a battery-powered active RFID device to track the whereabouts of wheelchairs, gurneys, IV pumps, pulse oximeters and similar medical equipment can be challenging if the equipment routinely undergoes autoclave sterilization. Consumer batteries cannot survive such high temperatures and must be removed prior to sterilization, which wastes time and compromises data integrity. To solve this problem, Awarepoint Corp. chose TLH-2450 bobbin-type lithium thionyl chloride (LiSOCl2) batteries. Environmental tests showed that these batteries could withstand 500 sterilization cycles at 135°C. These RFID tags were also miniaturized due to the battery’s high voltage (3.6V), high capacity, and high energy density. TLH-2450 batteries weigh just 8.8 g, deliver 3.6 V with 0.55Ah capacity @ 0.5mA, and can operate up to 40 years due to very low annual self-discharge rate (less than 1 percent per year). These rugged cells also feature a non-flammable electrolyte, and a glass-to-metal hermetical seal, whereas consumer batteries use crimped seals that may leak.

Final Product: URB12400-U1-SMB