SunTech Medical Features Oscar 2 for 24-Hour ABPM

SunTech Medical displayed its Oscar 2 ambulatory blood pressure monitor at the 2017 Florida International Medical Expo.

The Oscar 2 uses patented sub-diastolic waveform measurement with motion tolerant technology to reduce failed readings and repeated studies due to motion-related artifacts. The device features AccuWin Pro 4 software for efficient programming and data analysis. Optional Bluetooth connectivity pairs with SunTech Medical’s True24 patient diary mobile app, supporting patients with device tutorials and prompts to enter information about their activity, posture or symptoms after a BP measurement is taken.

Oscar 2 with optional central blood pressure measurement is powered by SphygmoCor technology from AtCor Medical. Backed by over 800 published studies, the technology is considered the gold standard in pulse wave analysis and central blood pressure measurement.

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