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Summit Imaging’s response to a lawsuit filed by Philips last October denies all accusations and asks the judge to dismiss the suit.

In the filing, Philips alleged that Summit built software designed to hack into its ultrasound and other devices to circumnavigate access controls that regulate how the hardware can be used.

“For 13 years, Summit Imaging has been a trusted and valued partner of thousands of North American health care providers. The patented technology and other intellectual property we have developed over many years are specifically focused on providing exceptional customer satisfaction and improving patient outcomes,” Summit Imaging CEO Lawrence Nguyen said. “Properly leveraging technology to enable health care providers to deliver their medical services in a financially viable form should be the goal of every service provider in this industry. Disturbing companies like Summit Imaging is anti-competitive and adverse to the needs of health care providers and the patients they seek to serve.”

When asked why Summit’s approach should not be considered “hacking” Nguyen said, “As a technology-enabled service provider, Summit Imaging has developed resources that enable our customers to service medical imaging equipment they own. The general lack of information and tools available to service this equipment is a problem that our solutions, including our patented technology, were developed to solve. As stated in our response to the lawsuit, Summit Imaging’s actions do not violate the intellectual property laws and Summit Imaging intends to defend itself vigorously in this regard.”

For more information, Summit’s filing can be found online at tinyurl.com/SummitCounter.