Success Story: Dräger


It was the second week of September 2015, and Dräger Clinical Trainer Ron Snelling got a phone call from one of his sales reps. A hospital in Minnesota was having issues with a third-party manufactured circuit and looked to Dräger’s anesthesia expertise in evaluating possible solutions.

Working together, the hospital’s anesthesia technician and Snelling discovered that when the third-party adapter hose came loose, there was debris in the bottom of the plastic disposable breathing circuit. Snelling said that even though the issue wasn’t with the anesthesia machine itself, but rather with a plastic hose and adapter provided by a third-party manufacturer, he relied on his anesthesia experience to assist the customer in resolving their issue.

“We quickly got their infectious disease people involved, and they wisely pulled all of the circuit adapters. Upon inspection, they found two more with the same issue,” said Snelling.

As a solution, the customer decided to migrate to Dräger-manufactured anesthesia circuits.

“Swapping out third-party circuits had been nothing new for us at all,” Snelling said.

In fact, he’d been to the client site not long before the incident occurred, conducting an in-service on how to maintain the customer’s Apollo anesthesia machine. 

“My role there was to in service the sterile processing people and to make sure they knew how to break the breathing system down for steam sterilization. And the breathing circuit is a vital part of the breathing system,” Snelling said.


 “Once a decision was made to go to the Dräger breathing circuits, we quickly put in a rush order for them, and they were soon cruising down the road,” he added.

In hindsight, Snelling said the two classes he ended up holding at the hospital cemented a process that had begun with the in-service he’d conducted earlier that month; securing the replacement hoses to the machines, and sterilizing the equipment.

 Furthermore, he said, the interaction helped solidify his relationship with the Chief Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist onsite, “and they were impressed with our work.”

 “I’ve always said that my role is to come in, make everybody happy, and then leave,” Snelling said. “It’s one more example of it. We’re here to help people. This is what my entire career has been. This is something very different, and it’s a chance for me to think my way through and make suggestions. It’s what we’re here for, and I certainly enjoy it.”

Snelling said that the experience is just one more example that he can utilize to help future customers.

“Since this is all we do, we take each customer experience to assist in providing a more positive outcome for the next customer,” Snelling said.

He said that his hope is that the example that the hospital uncovered would be able to help other customers identify the process for diagnosing similar issues.

 “Any time that we have any incident, the number one thing I hope is that the word is going to be put out,” he said. “This is important stuff for people to know.”

 “I’m very glad that Dräger offers these type of services,” Snelling said. “Delivering innovative anesthesia devices to our customers is an important part of what we do. But leveraging our vast experience in anesthesia delivery is what differentiates us from the rest.”