Stryker Expands Waste Management Offerings

Stryker-Industry-UpdatesStryker has announced the acquisition of substantially all of the assets of Cactus LLC, the manufacturer of the Smart Sink, Pharma Lock and Pharma Lock O.R. Controlled Substance Waste Management Systems. This acquisition was sought to provide Stryker’s customers with proven products that facilitate drug diversion prevention and meet the pharmaceutical waste disposal standards.

“Stryker’s Instruments division’s newly formed Surgical Safety business is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality devices for proper controlled substance waste management and disposal,” said Nate Miersma, Marketing Director. “This acquisition will allow us to help our customers improve their anti-drug diversion efforts, promote environmentally sustainable disposal practices and ensure their facilities are regulatory compliant.”

Without proper and compliant waste management programs, pharmaceutical disposal could mean simply flushing or dumping medications, which could lead to federal and/or state penalties. This acquisition provides Stryker with an opportunity to improve pharmaceutical waste disposal practices for a safer environment.

The Smart Sink, Pharma Lock and Pharma Lock O.R. Systems have been in the U.S. market under the Cactus name since 2012 and are currently installed in more than 1,300 facilities. The products, which meet or exceed federal waste disposal and tracking standards, will launch as an expansion of Stryker’s Surgical Safety portfolio, effective immediately.

“In addition to the regulatory requirements governing pharmaceutical waste disposal, the proper disposal of pharmaceutical waste is something that is vital to a sustainable and healthy environment, which is important for everyone,” said Miersma.