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GE Signa HDxT 3T 16X Twinspeed 16ch

by PM Imaging

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GE Signa HDxT 3T 16X Twinspeed 16ch Software Version: HD16.0_V1638a HP xw9300 Workstation, Sumitomo F-50Hw Helium Compressor, HFD Cabinet with HFA+, Level 3 SYS CAB ASM 1.5T, Lytron, Miscellaneous Phantoms w/cart COILS: Standard 60cm Quadrature Body Coil, Standard Quadrature Head Model: LCC300, Helium Vessel Pressure: 1.24PSI, Helium Level: 73.6%, Shield Cooler Sub-System: Sumitomo 4K, Shield Cooler Operating Helium Pressure: 2.2, Cold Head: Sumitomo RDK408, Helium Compressor: F50, Coil, 8 Channel Hi Resolution Brain, USAI 3T 8 Channel Neuro Vascular Array, 3T HD T/R Knee Array, 3.0T Quad Extremity Coil T/R, USAI 8 Channel Torso Array, HD 8 Channel CTL Spine Array, 8 Channel Receive Only Shoulder Coil, 8 Channel Wrist Array, General Purpose Flex, Head, Neck, Spine Array, HNU Unit, Head, Neck, Spine Array, T/L Spine Unit, MCQA Test Ok Invivo 8 Channel Foot & Ankle, Model HD 8 Channel Vibrant Breast Array Coil, All equipment, and services rendered with no additional options is $287,250.00 (USD). “AS-IS” warranty after final inspection. Removal starts on June 28 and must be out by June 30th, 2022 Not included packaging supplies, (Buyer(s) to provide GE Lifting bars) -including ramping (de-energizing magnet) De-install & Rigging on the Transport Truck Buyer (as applicable OEM will Full cooperation of all parties is requested to schedule inspections and/or de-installation to insure maximum optimization and efficiency. All inspections and/or work to be performed by Buyer or its designee will be performed during normal working hours of 7am to 6pm. Monday thru Friday, access on holidays or weekends if agreed upon by both parties. Risk of loss for the Deliverables will pass from Seller to Buyer once the de-installation has begun. “AS-IS” warranty after final inspection. PM Imaging Mgmt., LLC will not be responsible for any licensing agreements/transferring of OEM software, non-transferable software or missing manuals originally sent with the system. Located in Southeastern regions
Available Date: Approx. June 28, 2022
Kevin Collins, Managing Director, 213-276-8209

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