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GE 16X 8 Channel Upgrade Kit

by PM Imaging

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GE 1.5T 16X 8 Channel MRI System

Hardware: HP 9300 GOC model 2377062-61, HFD Cabinet, HDX RF System cabinet 8ch, ICN, Lytron Gradient chiller, Magnet Monitor III GE Lightweight removable table, Compressor: Sumitomo F-50=  

Software and Options: Software Applications level 16.VS03, Options EPI FGE CINE FSE & FLAIR TOF PC & VI SGD Echospeed, DW EPI FLAIR EPI Special, SmartPrep SSFSE 3 Plane Loc Modality Worklist E3DTOF FSE_XL Bloodsupp Fastcine Tagging Sgdperf iDrive iDrive pro iDrive pro plus SmartPrep 2000 Up Functool 2 Voxtool IVI Clariview PPS Fgret Ultra short TR T1 & T2 Breathhold SSFSE MRCP MRCP3 ACGD Plus FT MRA Dynamic R1 Fiesta 2D Fiesta 3D Delayed Enhance Asset, 3D FRFSE Asset Plus Tricks Fiesta-c Breast2 Propeller DWI 3D FS Fiesta Propeller T2 2D FS Fiesta MR-Echo 8 Ch System Lava Multi-Phase BF and VM Time course 2D Merge Lava-XV Bravo Cosmic HDx key 3D Dual Echo ARC, Inhance 2D Inflow Inhance 3D Velocity Inhance 3D Inflow IR Inhance Delta flow,

Phantoms: LVshim set Body TLT w/loader All 8ch coil phantoms present Head TLT w/loader, DQA EPT


Coils: 1 Quad Split Head coil, 8 Channel HiRes Brain Array coil, 8 Channel CTL coil, 8 Channel Body Array coil, 8 Channel Medrad NV Array, 4 Channel Shoulder coil 4 Channel NV array,

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