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GE 1.5T MRI Optima 450W Wide Bore MRI

by PM Imaging

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GE 1.5T 450W Wide Bore Magnet* 32 Channel system, XRMB Gradients
Water Cooled Compressor, Running Software Version DV25.1
Software Options: include: Propeller 3.0, Vibrant, Scantools 22.0, IP Protection, Inhance Suite, STARMAP Acquisition, eDWI, Probe 2DCSI, SWAN, Probe-Press and STEAM, CUBE with T1, IDEAL, TRICKS, 3D ASL, and Brain STAT with AIF
Coils include: Split Head, HNU, HD T/R Knee, 8 Channel Breast, 8 Channel Foot/Ankle, HD Shoulder, 16 Channel Medium Flex Array, 16 Channel Peripheral Vascular, Phased Array, and GEM Flex 16-S Array
Located TBD Cost: Approx. $ TBD…USD As is Where is
Available: Approx. Early March

Turnkey Optional: Includes: Initial Inspection, De-installation: Ramp & Ship Kit with Shipping, Ramp Down. Packing and Magnet Prep from Rigging. Packing assumes delivery of system into unknown climate or storage conditions (Cabinets, Coils & Magnet wrapped for snowy or rainy conditions.) All Travel Expenses for 3-Man Crew included for 4-5 Day Take down. (3 or 4 Man Crew provided for 7-10 Days Installation plus expense.) $5,000 cap included for forklift. Installation Delivery Full Re-calibration & Fine Tuning first scan.
** Customer Responsibility. (Varies from Site to Site) * OEM Room Ready*
** Extended cable runs * Customer Responsibility
**There will be an extra charge if the Site is not OEM Room Ready at the time of install
*** Site Preparation Consulting (confirmed by PMIM)
*** Or Interim Warehouse Storage in, California included. (Cold Indoor Storage at $115/day NOT included.)
*** Point of contact (I.E. General contractor or Chief Architect or Project Manager).
***Customer will provide: Room dimensions & Layout/Drawings, HVAC, Electrical, Flooring, Chillers, Shielding–Magnetic & RF, Seismic & EMI Recommendations, etc.
***Site Visit with General Contractor, Architect, and/or Project Managers and Subcontractors, for a final walk thru, at least 10-Business Days prior to scheduled delivery date.


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