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The Vereos PET/CT is the world’s first and only fully digital PET/CT. Providing improved detectability and characterization of small lesions1, uncompromised lesion detectability and quantification at half the PET dose2, and uncompromised lesion detectability in one-tenth of the time3, Vereos enables clinicians to go beyond current limitations in PET/CT imaging to enhance patient care. These advances in clinical performance are the result of the synergy between breakthrough innovations; Philips’ proprietary Digital Photon Counting (DPC) technology and faster Time-of-Flight performance, resulting in approximately 2x the volumetric resolution, sensitivity gain, and quantitative accuracy compared to analog4 systems.
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Diseases: Initial Experience and Comparison with Analog PET, J Nucl Med 2015; 56:1378–1385.
2 Liu X et al, Impact of FDG Dose Reduction on Lesion Quantification in Dynamic PET: A Simulation Study Based on Clinical Trial Data
SNMMI 2016.
3 Zhang J., Evaluation of speed of PET acquisition: How fast can we go? ‐ A validation of list mode PET simulation approach with true
acquisitions, SNMMI 2017.

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