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Medical-Dealer_Med-Surg_PacMed-CablesEnsuring positive patient outcomes is at the core of any medical organization’s objective. The rising rate of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) is making achieving that goal more difficult every day. Busy departments such as ERs are even more at risk, and as clinicians report, having incoming patients with more immediate care needs can result in oversight during the sterilization of surfaces that patients come in contact with. Often, these overlooked surfaces include NiBP cuffs, ECG lead wires, temperature probes, and SpO2 sensors. PacMed Cables offers high quality disposable NiBP, SpO2, ECG, and Temp accessories that help combat HAIs and many of the other complex challenges of providing high quality health care while reducing cost to their customers worldwide. Visit PacMedCables.com for more information.

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