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In conjunction with the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) meeting in Chicago, Mindray has announced the introduction of its new L20-5s ultra-high frequency linear transducer with enhanced iNeedle visualization technology. The TE7 Touch Enabled Ultrasound System, designed specifically for the demanding point-of-care (POC) imaging environment, offers intuitive tablet-like operation, superior image quality with one-touch image optimization, and exam presets to improve both diagnostic confidence and efficiency.

“The L20-5s is considered to be a breakthrough transducer in the ultrasound industry,” said Glen McLaughlin, Ph.D., chief product officer for Mindray. “Coupling this ultra-high frequency transducer with our iNeedle technology is particularly useful in anesthesia POC to provide increased visualization in the area of interest and enhanced needle detection. This can assist in reducing stress on the patient and help reduce procedure time.”