MD Expo Education Earns ACI Approval

For more than a decade, MD Expo has set the bar for biomedical, clinical engineering and imaging service conferences.

The MD Expo – to be held October 5-7 in Seattle, Washington – has been pre-approved for a total of 10.5 CEUs. The course will be listed on the AAMI Credentials Institute (ACI) pre-approved webpage.

“Please feel free to inform all attendees that this course has been preapproved and if they are claiming it on their ACI journals, it will be accepted for a maximum of 10.5 CEUs,” McLaughlin wrote in an email.

The MD Expo-CBET Review Course to be held October 5 in Seattle, Washington has been pre-approved for a total of 6.5 CEUs, according to AAMI Program Manager Certification Martin J McLaughlin. The course is listed on the AAMI Pre-Approved webpage.

MD Expo attendees will gain extensive knowledge with AAMI Credentials Institute-accredited educational seminars as well as participate in several networking events. They will also learn about the latest technology and cost-saving resources from more than 100 industry leaders stationed throughout the exhibit hall. Best of all, admission is free for hospital employees with a VIP pass available from one of the exhibitors!

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