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By Jim Fedele
The MD Expo fall conference was in sunny Orlando this year and it was a great show.
It felt good to see all the familiar faces and a strong showing of new ones. The MD Expo’s educational sessions were engaging and relevant to the issues we face daily. I co-presented a presentation with my good friend Dr. Binseng Wang. The MD Expo continued its tradition of cost-effective training and bountiful networking opportunities all at a value no one else in the industry can replicate … John Krieg and his staff deserve a great amount of praise for pulling off another great conference.
The great thing about the MD Expo is that there is plenty to do. This year there were 30 educational seminars, three workshops and the keynote presentation by Kathy Tolomeo of The Joint Commission, provided enough variety to appeal to almost everyone. The expo hall was filled to capacity with vendors enabling the attendees a great opportunity to meet them and have their questions answered about their services.
As usual, the seminars covered current issues with some of the industry’s newest leaders discussing solutions and helping attendees understand how they can make a difference. From “The Use of Analytics in Clinical Engineering” to “How to Deal with Top HTM Issues” all the subjects were very applicable for day-to-day challenges. I found it difficult deciding which seminars to attend as there were many times there was more than one during the time slot I wanted to attend. The seminars I attended were well organized and engaging, the presenters knew their material well and did a good job connecting to the audience.
The seminar I co-presented was called “Fake News, Alternative Facts and Legends in CE.” Our goal was to inform attendees that some of the beliefs we have held about our industry are not always true. We ran our presentation by splitting the classroom and then asking a series of questions that tested some core beliefs in HTM. The presentation went very well. We had great participation from the attendees and some very lively discussion about some of the answers. I personally enjoy sharing experiences with peers, the different perspectives and solutions to common problems always amaze me. At the end of the day, we all have the same issues it is how we deal with them as individuals that is what separates us.
I would be remiss if I did not mention the great networking opportunities the MD Expo provides as well. Almost every day there is a free lunch, happy hour or dinner for attendees. Like every previous MD Expo, it concluded with a great party at the end. This year’s party was a poolside bash with games and music sponsored by AIV. It was enjoyed by all. Even the pop up thunderstorm (which are normal in Florida) that moved everyone inside did not deter from the fun and conversations that were occurring at the event. Events like these really help build relationships between vendors and their customers as everyone is on neutral turf enjoying the atmosphere.
I think the folks that put together the MD Expo deserve a big round of applause, it is apparent in every detail that they put their hearts and souls into this conference. If you have a limited training budget, the MDExpoShow.com is a great conference to go to as most attendees can get in for free and there are opportunities for a free meal most days. The content is always relevant and it is just the right size to get the most out of your training dollars.

Jim Fedele, CBET, has been with Medical Dealer magazine for more than 12 years. He is currently the director of clinical engineering for Susquehanna Health Systems in Williamsport, Pa. He can be reached for questions and/or comments by email at info@mdpublishing.com.