Marketing Webinar Provides Helpful Tips

Marketing Webinar Provides Helpful Tips

“Sales is a train and advertising is the engine. Cut off the engine and the train will slowly come to a halt,” is a quote attributed to William Wrigley, founder of Wrigley Gum.

While advertising and marketing has changed dramatically since he uttered those words, the message holds true in the digital world as much as it did during the times of the horse-and-buggy when Wrigley began his career in sales.

MD Publishing Founder and President John Krieg addressed the new high-tech world of advertising and marketing in a special presentation made possible via TechNation’s Webinar Wednesday series.

In his webinar “Tips to Help You Engage Your Audience and Reach Your Target market,” ( )

Medical Dealer | Richardson and IMES | Marketing Webinar Provides Helpful TipsKrieg defined the terms “marketing” and “brand.” He also discussed different types of marketing, including inbound and outbound marketing.

Krieg’s informative presentation explained the digitized buying process and looked at the shift away from traditional sales processes as well as the importance of social media and online marketing efforts. Content marketing and its importance to today’s business world was one of the highlights of the presentation.

The interactive webinar used poll questions during the presentation to address the specific needs of attendees. Krieg shared his insights during a Q&A session at the conclusion of his presentation.

Another highlight of the webinar were 10 bonus tips to help engage potential customers and 10 critical questions to consider when creating an advertising strategy.

MD Publishing’s Web Team joined Krieg during the Q&A session to discuss the benefits of an SEO audit and explain the difference between Google Adwords and Google Analytics.

Attendees applauded the webinar giving it a 4.0 rating on a 5-point scale with 5 being the best possible score.

“MD Publishing presented a very nice cross section of marketing options and highlighted where the best bang for the buck was in these options,” Bruce S. wrote in his webinar survey.

“MD does it again! A well thought out webinar designed to enhance the marketing reach of vendors and provide insight into what a successful marketing campaign entails,” Jared G. wrote.

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