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Konica Minolta has announced the release of its most advanced X-ray Digital Radiography (DR) system. Combining the unique built-from-the-ground-up design with the Ultra image processing software, the system offers unprecedented workflow, clinical, patient convenience and satisfaction benefits. The new DR system was unveiled at the annual Association of Medical Imaging Management (AHRA 2016) conference in Nashville.

“This new Konica Minolta U-Arm simply reinvents the way imaging is delivered and we are extremely excited about the many unique and proprietary features it offers,” said Bruce Ashby, Vice President of DR, Konica Minolta. “The new U-Arm system offers technologists greater flexibility while providing patients with a more comfortable exam.”

The DR U-Arm system is a floor-mounted system that provides faster exams, smoother positioning, and improved stitching processes for advanced studies. The Ultra software uses a full console screen right at the point of patient contact for accepting or rejecting images so the technologist can remain with the patient without returning to the workstation. With the ability to view results at the tube stand, X-ray exams are quicker and more comfortable for patients, and enable increased throughput for the facility.