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MD Publishing, Medical Dealer magazine’s parent company, recently announced a decision to transition Medical Dealer to an exclusively online venture. We sat down with MD Publishing Founder and President John Krieg to find out more about the future of Medical Dealer.

Q: What is the big news with Medical Dealer?
Krieg: After 21 years, we have made the decision to transition Medical Dealer to all an all-digital product. The current issue you are reading (December 2017) will be the last print edition.
Q: Why the transition to an all-digital platform?
Krieg: The loyal and dedicated Medical Dealer audience has requested a more user-friendly online marketplace that showcases refurbished medical equipment with daily updates. We will also have news concerning the secondary market.
We started this process a year ago, when we built and launched the new medicaldealer.com. We have over 7,000 products and more than 15,000 monthly visitors. Since then, our analytics have shown a steady increase in new users and traffic is way up overall. It is clear that the used medical equipment market is thirsty for a dynamic site that makes buying and selling used equipment simple and easy.
Q: What were the primary factors that lead to the decision to go all digital?
Krieg: Since the inception of Medical Dealer, all the way back in 1997, our readers started out as the leading dealers in the industry and over the years, evolved into more of a biomedical and imaging readership. These departments are looking for alternative resources for cost savings in regards to medical equipment, parts and service. These influential decision makers were using the advertisements to fulfill their needs, and that has been awesome.
However, biomeds, imaging directors and service engineers were also looking for news and information about their careers. That is how TechNation was born and now it’s the number one news source for the HTM Community. The same is true for our new ICE brand.
That has been our big focus this year, to create four distinct brands for each market. Each with a print, digital and show component.
Q: Can you tell us more about each brand?
Krieg: TechNation is for Biomeds/HTM with a print magazine, biannual MD Expos, Webinar Wednesday and a website; 1TechNation.com.
ICE is for Imaging Directors and Service Engineers with a print magazine, the ICE conference, webinars and a community-building website; ImagingIgloo.com.
OR Today is for OR Supervisors and Managers with a print magazine, the OR Today Live! Conference, webinars and a website; ORToday.com.
MedicalDealer.com is for dealers and the used equipment market.
All of our brands are also supported on social media, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
Q: What should Medical Dealer readers do if they still want to receive a print magazine from MD Publishing?
Krieg: Simply go online at www.mdpublishing.com and click on the respective magazine site (TechNation, ICE or OR Today) and renew/subscribe online. As always, it’s a free subscription.
Q: What else would you like to share with readers?
Krieg: We would like to thank the entire industry for a dream come true and a historical 20-year run. Medical Dealer isn’t going anywhere, we are excited for the future and look forward to the next 20 years!