Frost & Sullivan Presents Carestream with 2013 Asia Pacific Market Leadership Award

Frost & Sullivan presents Carestream with 2013 Asia Pacific Market Leadership Award

Frost & Sullivan has recoginized Carestream Health for market growth with its 2013 Asia Pacific Market Penetration Leadership Award for the Digital & Computed Radiography Market.

Frost & Sullivan presents this award to the company that has demonstrated excellence in capturing the fastest rate of chagne of market share within its industry from one year to the next. The award recognizes how fast a compnay increases its penetration of a market relative to its competitors, in terms of revenues or units, and is a measure of its success in taking market share away from its competitors from one year to the next.

"Carestreams' DRX technology is a successful product that aides in market pentration in the rgion. It accommodates clinical needs and financial capabilities of the radiology departments, allowing facilities to go digital while still retaining their existing analogue system without the need for acditional retrofits, " said Poornima Srinivasan, Consultant at Frost & Sullivan.

"We are honored to receive this recognition that highlights our growth in this region," said David Chambers, General Manager, Asia Cluster, Carestream. "Our market success is built on exceptional customer service, exciting new product development and focuesd marketing initatives taht have resulted in more healthcare providers choosing Carestream for a long-term partnership."

Carestream's DRX detectors can be integrated with existing portable or room-based analog systems.

"Carestream's DRX technology was clearly designed to address both clinical needs and financila realities," said Gillian Tieckall, Chief Radiographer, The Alfred Hospital, Melbourne. "When it comes to evaluating the value of our conversion to DR, I look at it in terms of its ability to allow more time for my radiographers to spend with the patient, decreasing the pain effect on the patient and also have the ability to see the image instnaneously. It does mean that we can get more patients through while still achieving a better patients through while still achieving a better patient experience and better outcome."

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