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Dicom Systems has announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted it a patent which encompasses core aspects of its flagship Workflow Unifier® platform.

The new patent, US 9,390,153, is entitled “User-configurable Radiological Data Transformation and Archiving” and relates to radiological data processing. Dicom Systems patented technology helps create various adapters and unique workflows to improve and integrate any Enterprise Imaging Software or platform without extensive development cycles. Workflow Unifier® is a flexible framework for PACS administrators, integrators, IT or clinical users to significantly improve processes by integrating different platforms into one efficient enterprise.

“Silicon Valley entrepreneurial spirit and culture is part of Dicom Systems’ DNA,” says Florent Saint-Clair, Dicom Systems Executive Vice President. “Customers routinely challenge us to help them circumvent complex workflow headaches; with each new use case solved, we remove workflow barriers for multiple other customers, and strengthen the platform’s core framework. Flexibility is the common denominator in each innovation.”

“This patent is consistent with Dicom Systems’ vision and innovative approach for streamlining Enterprise Imaging workflows; this technology is at the heart of our vision for improving productivity and patient care for our clients. Protecting our IP is our responsibility to customers who invest in Dicom Systems technology for the long run,” said Dmitriy Tochilnik, President and CTO of Dicom Systems. “Continuous improvement and innovation is a hallmark of Dicom Systems, and our Intellectual Property is a unique asset in which we continue to invest.”