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Creative Foam Medical Systems Launches New Website

Creative Foam Medical Systems recently launched a new website – www.creativefoammedicalsystems.com. The website has been designed to enhance user experience with easier navigation and functionality throughout, allowing customers a clearer presentation of capabilities and value-added services.
The site includes detailed information on manufacturing processes, new technologies and available materials; thus providing the user with a road map for taking a design from conception to production.
The new Project Management feature will allow users to participate in each step of the process through individual portals that provide a dynamic and interactive experience.
Understanding the importance of bringing medical products to market quickly, the new site highlights the different rapid prototyping options that are offered, as well as the numerous molding and fabricating processes that can be used for all volumes of production.
With a dedicated area for safety and compliance information, regulatory professionals will now be able to easily access positive test results for: biocompatibility, cytotoxicity, flammability, skin sensitization and skin irritation on all CFMS materials.