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Tenacore Holdings started in 2000 as a medical products distribution company with a primary focus on suction regulators, oxygen blenders and monitoring accessories. It did not take long to realize that many companies focused on a small product offering. Tenacore was one of the first to build a comprehensive platform around the needs of the Biomedical Engineering departments within the hospital environment.

Supply and demand is a well known force of the U.S. economy, as well as innovation. Tenacore prides itself on creating a business model that is adaptable to the needs of its customers. Vice President Albert Negron stated, “As the distribution business continued to grow, we saw a need for equipment repair.” In 2002, the first repair depot was launched and modeled after a hospital environment; we paired biomedical engineers with subspecialties such as patient monitoring, module repairs, telemetry, fetal transducers, and more.

Question 1: How long has Tenacore been in the depot repair business?

  • A. 10 years
  • B. 16 years
  • C. 14 years
  • D. 20 years

An Innovative Approach

The Tenacore approach to biomed depot repair is a comprehensive platform that includes manufacturing, distribution and extensive repair capabilities. Tenacore now has multiple repair centers in order to provide cutting-edge services in respiratory, patient monitoring, infusion pumps, as well as ultrasound. To be effective as a full-service depot repair center, vertical integration and expansion of the Tenacore portfolio was mandatory. By comparison, a traditional “repair depot” may only service a fraction of the portfolio that Tenacore offers.

The expansion into the repair depot business opened another window of opportunity for Tenacore. “There was a need for manufacturing high-quality components for device repair, reliable delivery of components, and reasonable pricing,” Negron explains. Tenacore purchased Newport Plastics in April of 2008, and started making its own FDA-regulated parts and repair kits for many of the products they were fixing. The increased quality, shorter lead times, and lower cost to the end user spurred even more growth.

Due to the vertical integration and manufacturing capabilities being on-site, Tenacore is able to utilize its service depot as a research and development platform. This allows us to work with hospital biomeds to identify needs and streamline the R&D process to help lower costs with in-house manufacturing. This also creates a more cost-effective alternative to traditional OEM or third-party distributorships.


Question 2: What competitive advantage does Tenacore have with on-site manufacturing capabilities?

  • A. Ability to identify real world needs of biomedical engineering departments
  • B. Streamline the R&D process
  • C. Create more cost effective alternatives
  • D. All the above

Advancing the Repair Depot Experience

The company’s numerous products and manufacturing capabilities are complemented by on-site Biomed education training programs. Tenacore provides introductory and advanced courses based on the needs of the engineer or hospital biomed department.

The mission of Tenacore is to advance repair depot techniques through research, peer-to-peer education, and membership initiatives with IDNs. To accomplish this feat, we have built a platform that is brand centric and customized to the needs of our partnerships. Positive customer experiences, quality credentials, and a dedicated focus, are what Tenacore prides itself with. Exceptional customer service is coupled with emphasis on quality to guarantee the best patient outcomes.

“We’ve built a new online portal (tenacore.com/portal) where our customers can follow their order throughout the service process. Customers are also able to create shipping labels, look up service reports, approve estimates and find old invoices,” Negron says, when describing some of the perks customers receive. “The portal will also be able to pull up data and analytics for corporate directors and supervisors. An email is also sent out to notify the customer of status changes, i.e. order received, estimated and shipped.”

Question 3: What kind of educational offerings does Tenacore have?

  • A. Individual biomed training
  • B. Group/modality based programs
  • C. IDN focused programs
  • D. All the above

A Performance Culture

As a manufacturing facility, located at the company’s headquarters in Santa Ana, California, we have a competitive advantage to operate around the clock. Pair that with the quality credentials, OEM trained and certified technicians, and you have a fully functioning machine that’s unlike any other.

“Jennifer Page, in our business development department, has done an excellent job building relationships and aligning Tenacore’s objectives with IDN, asset management groups and corporate customer objectives,” Negron says. “Oswaldo Chavez, our service manager, has built a top-notch team of trained technicians who service equipment to OEM specifications and customers’ expectations.”

Competition can be fierce in the medical device market for both repairs and manufactured products; however, our strong and proven reputation for quality work sets Tenacore apart.

Quality Credentials: ISO 13485:2003

ISO is the International Organization for Standardization and is the world’s largest developer and publisher of international standards. They provide solutions that meet the requirements of business and the broader needs of society. ISO 13485:2003 provides requirements for quality management systems which aid in the design, development, manufacturing, installation, and servicing of medical devices.

Tenacore ensures a superior quality system over other service and manufacturing depots by:

• Conducting 100% quality control inspection on all finished devices and repairs

• Complying with ISO 13485:2003

• Periodically calibrating all equipment used for testing, measurements and calibration to the  NIST Standards

• Complying with most international standards and other industry standards for quality inspection procedures.

• Having complete traceability for all devices that are manufactured or serviced.

Question 4: What quality credentials does Tenacore adhere to?

  • A. ISO 13485:2003
  • B. CE Mark
  • C. FDA regulated
  • D. All the above

Customer Support

Tenacore is not only focused on developing innovative technology, but also on providing superior repair capabilities and biomed support.  The Business Development Team is dedicated to building a productive relationship that provides IDNs with all the resources necessary to create their own brand of repair depot. This team is committed to customizing and building teams around the specific goals of each group.

Tenacore has a distinct performance culture where its “A Players” are the critical drivers of the company’s success. This culture creates a unique edge that not only influences how Tenacore conducts business, but also drives how employees make decisions and surpass their goals. Employees are driven to embrace the culture of teamwork, innovation, and sustained superior performance.

Tenacore’s team approach is designed to ensure happy customers.

“It takes a strong internal team in order to create a positive customer experience. Our entire staff, from the customer experience specialists to the account managers, genuinely care about each and every transaction and customer,” Negron says.


Question 5: How does Tenacore continue to drive innovative approaches with IDNs?

  • A. Offer training programs for IDNs
  • B. IDN repair depot branding
  • C. Strong internal team to create positive experience
  • D. All the above

The Future

Through its tremendous growth and experience over the past 16 years, the fundamental focus of Tenacore has always been to provide cost-effective patient care solutions.  Its mission, priorities, and performance continue to achieve extraordinary results at extraordinary speed, allowing the company to improve patients’ lives around the world.

Tenacore cares about quality products, customers and the planet. The company occupies a 35,000 square foot facility that has recently been converted to solar power.

Business is booming at Tenacore due to its flexibility to meet market demands and its laser focus on quality and customer service. What began as a distribution company continues to adjust to meet market demands in the medical device service, repair, and parts markets.

Tenacore has experienced amazing growth since it first opened its doors a little over 16 years ago without losing sight of the lasting impact it has on the delivery of quality health care.

“Lowering the cost of health care without risking patient safety,” Negron says when asked to describe Tenacore’s mission. “Our employees’ process, service and care for each medical device is treated as if it’s their own parent, spouse or child using the device.”

Question 6: What is the mission of Tenacore Holdings?

  • A. Quality products
  • B. Customer relationships
  • C. Patient Safety
  • D. All the above

Find additional information about Tenacore online at www.tenacore.com.

Answer key:

C, D, D, D, D, D