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CEO and President Peter Leonidas started Soma Technology Inc. in 1992. While the initial focus was on the sale of defibrillators, Leonidas quickly expanded the company to specialize in the sale of operating room and hospital equipment. First based in Rocky Hill, Connecticut, Soma Technology enjoyed small success servicing local hospitals. A short time later, Soma extended its sales and service offerings to a national level and the company is now an elite international player in the refurbished medical equipment industry. The company refurbishes products for health care facilities located in more than 50 countries with its largest client base in the U.S. The Soma Technology leadership team credits its success to always putting the customer first with a commitment to service and warranties.

Medical Dealer magazine recently learned more about Soma Technology from Sales Director Ashish Dhammam, Sales Director Ria Asnani and Marketing Coordinator Alyssa Adler.


Q: What are some advantages that your company has over the competition?

SOMA TECHNOLOGY: Since our establishment 25 years ago, Soma Technology has built a legacy of providing quality medical equipment and service. Our biggest strength is our engineering department and we continue to invest in training our engineers and technical staff on new products and practices on a regular basis. Our strong engineering team and commitment to excellent service is our greatest advantage over our competition. Soma Technology is also able to offer our customers a one-stop shopping experience due to our large inventory. Some of our product categories include cardiac equipment such as heart-lung machines, heater/coolers, IABPs, C-Arms, portable X-rays, DR plates, mini C-Arms, NICU equipment, obstetrical equipment, operating room equipment, anesthesia machines, surgical tables, electrosurgical units, infusion pumps, ventilators, ultrasounds and much more. A complete offering can be viewed on our website at www.somatechnology.com. By carrying numerous product categories we allow our customers to mix and match options and create a customized medical suite. Soma Technology is an approved vendor for all major GPOs, IDNs and distribution networks in the U.S., and we enjoy the trust and backing of many repeat customers.

Q: What are some challenges that your company faced last year?

SOMA TECHNOLOGY: In the refurbished medical equipment market, it is not always easy to predict which product will be in demand in the near future. Soma Technology prides itself on predicting proper demand and stocking up on the right kind of inventory ahead of time. With the Affordable Care Act, we have seen many health care facilities consolidate and become part of larger corporations; decisions that were previously made by physicians are now being made at the corporate level. However, we were able to convince these larger corporations of our commitment to quality and we have demonstrated our ability to provide products for large-scale purchases. What we initially thought was a challenge has turned into one of our strengths as many large corporations are now regular clients of Soma Technology.

Q: What are your company’s core competencies and unique selling points?

SOMA TECHNOLOGY: We offer products at a fraction of the cost of original equipment manufacturers. Our customer support does not end with the sale or the delivery of the equipment. We offer lifetime phone technical support for all of our equipment. We also carry a comprehensive inventory of OEM parts and new replacement accessories to support our customers and biomeds with their service and repair needs. By refurbishing products, Soma Technology is devoted to a green standard, where we reduce, reuse, and recycle our equipment to contribute to a healthier planet.


Q: What product or service that your company offers are you most excited about right now?

SOMA TECHNOLOGY: We have the tools to completely refurbish and calibrate bladder scanners in house. This is very exciting for us since it decreases the time needed to refurbish this type of scanner. As one of the few companies to offer this service, we are able to eliminate the need for our customers to rely on OEMs or outside companies for service and calibration. Similarly, we are also able to offer comprehensive service and calibration on infusion pumps, defibrillators, C-Arms, contrast injectors and many more devices. We are passionate about growing our product offerings and, in turn, becoming a single-source solution for all of our customers.

Q: What is on the horizon for Soma Technology?

SOMA TECHNOLOGY: We are looking forward to expanding our customer base by working with more hospital systems and purchasing organizations. Currently, our team is working on a number of new surgery center projects. In order to better facilitate repairs and service for our customers, we are adding service centers around the country. Our private label offering, AXIA Surgical, is starting to become an established brand name for new monitors, imaging tables and surgical lights.


Q: Can you share with us how you “saved the day” for a customer?

SOMA TECHNOLOGY: Biomeds are often surprised by our ability to supply parts and accessories that are difficult to acquire from other companies. Most hospitals utilize our rent-to-own option thus saving money and time; this makes capital spending decisions easier. Through the savings we present, medical facilities are able to invest in other revenue streams like OR expansions or adding new specialties at their facility. We recently assisted multiple cardiac hospitals facing shortages of heater/coolers due to a recall by delivering recall-free units to them immediately. Our swift action helped health care facilities and patients avoid cancelled cardiac surgeries.

Q: Can you tell me a little bit more about your company’s facility?

SOMA TECHNOLOGY: We have a state-of-the-art facility in Bloomfield, Connecticut with ISO certification. We designed the facility around proper workflow from inventory, to technical refurbishment, to cosmetics and logistics. This design helps us with our processing speeds and shipping times. We stock our products in three warehouses, all within minutes of each other, combining over 100,000-square-feet of space. Our technical staff is OEM trained and we invest in their education, test equipment and tools. We encourage customers to visit our facility for a tour, and our showroom to plan the design of their upcoming OR.

Q: Have there been any recent changes?

SOMA TECHNOLOGY: Last year, we added DR plate solutions to our many offerings. Our private label offering of Axia Surgical products are all manufactured and assembled in the United States. We also recently added video laryngoscopes to our list of private label offerings and there is more to come.

Q: Who makes Soma Technology such a success?

SOMA TECHNOLOGY: Soma Technology has a very large, diverse workforce. Our employees come from over 20 countries, and can speak more than 12 languages. We are an equal-opportunity employer offering full benefits to our employees. The skill sets of our employees range from, technical, sales, marketing, purchasing, management and, of course, engineering. A large percentage of our employees have a master’s degree in biomedical engineering from reputed universities. Following are two profiles on employees with unique backgrounds that add to Soma’s diversity and charm. Parts Coordinator Jessica Mina is of Columbian descent and a first-generation American. She has been with Soma Technology since 2006, is fluent in Spanish, and supports our customers with parts orders. Steve Besonson is a veteran, who after his time with the Marines, attended Southern Connecticut State University and obtained a master’s in business management. He works in the Procurement Department, and is always looking to acquire used medical equipment. He credits Soma’s brand recognition for making his job easier.

Q: What is Soma’s mission statement?

SOMA TECHNOLOGY: Soma Technology’s main mission is to provide high-quality new and refurbished medical equipment to health care facilities worldwide at affordable prices. Our priority is improving patient care by helping facilities purchase brand name medical equipment without compromising on quality or service.

Q: Is there anything else you want readers to know about your company?

SOMA TECHNOLOGY: Soma Technology has exciting plans for the future. We have redesigned our Parts and Accessories’ webpage; somamedicalparts.com. This redesign provides customers with an individualized e-commerce experience with parts and accessories offered at a fraction of the cost of those offered by OEMs. To better serve our Spanish-speaking customers we have launched the website; equipomedicalcentral.com. Soma Technology takes pride in delivering on our promises to customers regarding warranties, lead times and service. We always welcome feedback from our customers and work to incorporate their opinions and insights into our processes.

In addition, Soma Technology continues to work on a humanitarian level with equipment donations to developing countries. Recently, we donated neonatal and pediatric equipment to a children’s hospital in Angkor, Cambodia, and for mission trips to China, Haiti and India.

We are very active on our social media platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube and Instagram as “Soma Technology.” Feel free to connect with us for company updates. We are celebrating our 25th anniversary this year, and look forward to continued growth, exceptional service and lowering the costs of health care. Here’s to the next 25 years in business!