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X-ray tube replacements from Ray-Pac have recently taken an innovative turn. Ray-Pac now includes a pre-calibrated spec sheet that is the result of pre-calibrating each mA station of their Shimadzu portables X-ray tubes! When Ray-Pac’s customer receives their replacement, it is easier than ever to calibrate their machines to the required specifications. Calibrating has been and can be a complex and confusing process. To avoid confusion and mistakes, Ray-Pac has produced videos that include each step of the calibration process. Customers have free access to these videos through Ray-Pac’s channel on YouTube. These videos are clear and concise and show the step by step procedure on how to enter the pre-calibrated settings on the Shimadzu Dual and Single portables. Ray-Pac provides a chart with pre-calibrated settings needed to seamlessly install their new tube.

Another service Ray-Pac provides is a large inventory of X-ray tubes resulting in not needing to send in your old X-ray tube to have it reloaded. All they ask is that you send your old X-ray tube back after you receive your new one. In fact, they supply a return shipping label in the box making a X-ray tube replacement as easy as possible for their customers.



Below is a sample of our calibration sheet provided with the Shimadzu Dual. It’s imperative to enter all of the data on the sheet provided. Watch our video and see how easily this can be entered through the key pad.



Ray-Pac is Committed to Quality

Everything Ray-Pac makes is put through a stringent series of tests to ensure quality. X-ray tubes that do not meet Ray-Pac specifications will not leave their facility. Ray-Pac has a top notch crew that believes that quality comes first.

Ray-Pac offers a wide variety of diagnostic X-ray tube replacements along with the Shimadzu Portable. Ray-Pac also offers Shimadzu RX-80’s and RX’85’s. Ray-Pac uses Rad-21 and Rad-60 inserts in these housings.

Ray-Pac offers many more X-ray tubes than just Shimadzu. Ray-Pac also offers GE, Siemens, Phillips, Varian, Dunlee, Toshiba, and of course Shimadzu.