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Precise Biomedical Inc. is your single source for anything in the contrast injector industry.
Precise Biomedical Inc. is a dedicated independent contrast injector company that prides itself on offering a quality alternative to the OEM for everything from preventative maintenance to complex repairs as well as a full line of pre-owned equipment and parts. Precise Biomedical Inc. also offers a full range of supporting consumables, accessories and training.
The company’s mission statement is spelled out on its website, but it isn’t hidden under an “About Us” or “FAQ” tab. Precise Biomedical shares its mission statement with visitors as soon as they land on the website’s homepage.
“It is our goal at Precise Biomedical Inc. to provide our customers with the highest level of service possible. We strive to build lasting customer relationships and generate new relationships based upon quality work and dedication to maintaining equipment to the highest standards; resulting in exceptional patient care,” according to the website.
It is a mission that has served Precise Biomedical Inc. and its customers since the inception of the company by President/Owner and Founder Jeffrey J. Mangione more than 20 years ago.
“I started off in field service and ended up at Picker International as a systems engineer. I then left Picker and went to work for ServiceMaster as a medical imaging manager over multiple sites and eventually became a manager of biomedical engineering at Parma Community Hospital (still working for ServiceMaster). During that time, I called in many service organizations to deal with problems on equipment that was my responsibility,” Mangione said.
It was this early work that led to the creation of Precise Biomedical Inc. in order to provide a more cost-effective approach for health care facilities.
“After seeing how these companies charged their customers with their travel and service minimums, I was inspired to start a company that got rid of all the ‘old school’ thinking as far as how travel and service minimums were billed,” he added. “In 1992, I left ServiceMaster and started a service company that was fair and reasonable and that is how Precise Biomedical Inc. came to be.”
“Precise Biomedical Inc. has maintained contrast injectors since its inception 24 years ago. We maintained the injectors as part of the X-ray equipment we had under contract and 13 years ago, we took our contrast injector program nationwide. It met with tremendous success,” Mangione said. “Since then, Precise Biomedical Inc. has become a dedicated contrast injector sales, service and training company.”
The three-pronged approach of sales, service and training provides Precise Biomedical Inc. a unique advantage when it comes to meeting customers’ needs. It also has experienced technicians who use their expertise to exceed expectations.
“Precise Biomedical Inc. service personnel have over 45 years combined experience maintaining injectors, as well as other high-tech medical equipment,” Mangione said. “Precise is the only ISO 9001:2008 third-party, certified contrast injector company and is currently working to become ISO 9001:2015 certified.”
“Precise Biomedical Inc. is working toward becoming ISO 9001:2015 certified in the next year. Being up-to-date on our ISO certification means that we have a solid quality system in place that ensures that our customers receive the best possible service, thoroughly tested parts and meticulously tested certified pre-owned machines,” he added. “We will continually work toward maintaining our ISO certification and will constantly improve our methods and processes to ensure the highest level of customer service.”
The cumulative range of knowledge of the Precision Biomedical Inc. staff is unmatched and cost-savings are a common benefit of its repair capabilities.
“Precise Biomedical Inc. is capable of working and repairing almost every make and model of contrast injector in the market,” Magione said. “Our years of experience allow us to repair the machines at a level that might have resulted in a component swap done by the OEM. Because of this knowledge, we save our customers thousands of dollars; couple this with our free use of loaner equipment and 24/7 technical support and our customers see tremendous value.”
The company’s training is excellent with field service representatives working with students to provide the latest tips and expert insights.
“Our training programs offer two types of curriculum; preventative maintenance only or corrective maintenance, which includes the preventative maintenance. Precise Biomedical Inc. is the only company that is offering the corrective maintenance program, which allows our customers to maintain their own injectors, supported by our free loaner program, 24/7 technical support and our vast inventory of parts,” Mangione said. “Our students are taught utilizing our custom written manuals and are trained by actual service personnel who are out in the field maintaining and repairing the injectors.”
Helping people, whether students or customers, is just a part of what Precise Biomedical Inc. represents. One example is how the company was able to save the day for a hospital.
“Precise had received a call from a local hospital that was under contract with the OEM at the time. They had inadvertently contaminated their new injector with contrast. The OEM stated that particular failure was not covered under their contract and it would require an injector head swap,” Mangione said. “The hospital contacted us at Precise and we went out the same day and exchanged the contaminated head with our loaner device. Within 24 hours of receipt of the call, Precise had decontaminated, repaired and thoroughly tested the unit and returned it to the customer fully functional. Because of this repair, that particular hospital opted out of their new contract with the OEM and has been doing business with Precise Biomedical Inc. ever since.”
The company’s approach is ringing true with customers.
“In the past two years, Precise Biomedical Inc. has experienced just under 60 percent growth as well as taking on the challenges of becoming ISO 9001:2008 certified,” Mangione said. “Precise was able to overcome the challenges, as well as regulate our growth without sacrificing the quality of our service and products. Precise has expanded our team to accommodate the growing business and we have made internal changes to our processes to ensure the continual quality of all aspects of our business.”
“The expansion of our vast inventory of parts is something we are extremely excited about. Every day we add different parts to our inventory, which allows us to offer more to our customers,” Mangione added. “Precise prides itself on the fact that we have various parts in stock for machines that have been obsolete for quite some time. Customers know they can call us and there is a good chance we have what they are looking for and at a very reasonable price. We also pride ourselves on the fact that we stock injectors for sale, unlike others who go searching for the machine when a request for purchase is made.”
Customer service is very important to Precise Biomedical Inc. and that is obvious in several ways, including how the company is preparing for the future.
“One of the most recent changes includes the creation and development of our Customer Service Support Center,” Mangione said when asked about recent developments. “We created this with the expectation that a customer can call up any one of our customer service representatives and order a part, request maintenance or repair, get a quote, etc. With that vision in mind, we also made a big change to our phone system so that customers can dial direct or by department and reach who ever they need to speak with, immediately.”
Of course, when you consider Precise Biomedical Inc.’s approach to sharing its goal on its website’s homepage it isn’t a surprise that it is taking steps to not just maintain great customer service and support, but improve it every step of the way.
Every member of Precise Biomedical Inc. strives to provide outstanding customer service from the man who founded the company 24 years ago to the newest hire.
“Precise Biomedical Inc. is very proud of all of our employees who help deliver the quality service our customers have come to expect. It is our people who are responsible for the tremendous growth and success that we have achieved,” Mangione said.
Find additional information about Precise Biomedical online at www.precisebiomedical.com