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Medical Dealer | Corporate Profile | Pacific Medical

Pacific Medical: Providing unconditional customer service

More than 10 years ago, Andrew Bonin founded Pacific Medical to fill a need in the medical equipment repair industry: to provide unconditional customer service and exceed industry expectations. He dedicated himself to hiring the best engineers, sourcing the highest quality equipment and parts, and creating a team of dedicated, driven Account Managers who would stand by their customers.

Before founding Pacific, Bonin assisted in the development and growth of several medical companies, both in building their repair depots and product development. This experience, plus working in the hospital as a biomed, has enabled him to observe the growth and change in our industry with a keen eye, colleagues say. “He has seen the right and wrong way to do business,” says Pacific Medical’s Director of Operations Damon Kelley. Bonin has carried that knowledge with him throughout his career, taking the best of what he knows and avoiding the mistakes he has seen to raise the bar in the medical service and sales industry.

Today, the company is recognized as a leader in both service and sales of medical equipment. Pacific Medical provides detailed, component level depot repairs on a wide variety of equipment. The company specializes in the sale and repair of patient monitors, modules, telemetry transmitters, fetal transducers, SpO2 probes and extensions, ECG trunks and leadwires, NIBP hoses and cuffs, suction regulators, infusion and syringe pumps, O2 blenders and much more.

It’s clear Bonin’s business model has worked – in the past year, the company has witnessed exponential growth. “We have seen phenomenal growth and development in the last year including
completing two ISO Certifications, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003, to assure our customers that we take each and every repair very seriously,” Bonin says. During the past year, he has focused on staffing every department within the company with qualified, skilled professionals to accommodate the needs of its customers, with an emphasis on retaining his original values of providing the same exceptional service the company has always provided.

New this year, the company is excited to introduce an integrated web portal for hospital groups with simple online ordering and custom tracking features. This as well as provide a full line of repairs, new products and technical support that allows customers to rely on Pacific Medical for all of their patient monitoring needs, truly making Pacific Medical a one-stop source.

A Responsible Growth Model

All that growth was made possible by “committing ourselves to providing the highest quality repairs in the industry by combining the best engineers in the industry with the highest quality parts and equipment available,” Bonin says.

Pacific Medical’s engineers are dedicated to their careers. They are college educated, and some even have their master’s in electrical engineering. Many are OEM factory trained on the specific products Pacific Medical services. They are constantly attending training courses and updating their certifications to stay up-to-date on the changing technology within our industry.

The company’s customers say Pacific Medical has some of the highest-quality parts in the industry. The reason why? “There is no cutting corners or costs to have quality parts made for our repairs,” Bonin says, “and they either match, or in most cases exceed, OEM specifications.”

Not only that, but Pacific Medical is the poster child for growing smart – being able to balance fast growth the right way. “Mr. Bonin will not let a product or service go to market before its time,” Kelley says. Rather, the company will complete extensive research and testing to ensure its newest products and services match the high quality on which the company built its reputation. “By offering the best quality services, paired with friendly customer service, word has spread of the great dealings our customers have experienced,” Kelley explains. The company has even begun to help large hospital chains and OEMs, such as GE, with their equipment service needs.

Other advantages of working with Pacific Medical include a highly knowledgeable, helpful and detail-oriented sales team and customer service team. “This ensures our customers can rest easy that they have the best in the business caring for their facility,” Bonin says.

Another thing that makes Pacific Medical unique is that all its employees truly enjoy their work. “Everyone here brings a positive attitude and lends a hand whenever needed,” Bonin says, creating a true team environment. “This team-centric approach allows us to face challenges head on with great results.” Additionally, the company has customer support available by phone from 5 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. But if customer service has left for the day and a customer calls, the engineers who often stay late to complete repair orders will always answer the phone and help the customer however they can, answering questions or checking order statuses. “Everyone is willing and ready to help at all times; there is no passing the buck,” Kelley says.

On the Horizon

Pacific Medical experienced unprecedented growth last year, but they’re not planning on stopping anytime soon. Their ultimate goal? To become the industry leader in patient monitor repairs, and to be an example for other, less reliable equipment and repair companies and help improve the industry’s reputation as a whole.

The company is moving into a new building this year that is five times the size of the current facility. “This will allow Pacific Medical to increase not only our volume, but also add new core products to our already vast list of services,” Kelley says.

Pacific Medical will continue to set the benchmark for how ethical, reliable businesses in the medical equipment sales and service field should operate, Bonin says. “We will accomplish this by maintaining a level of quality that never compromises patient safety,” which is what it all comes down to in the end.

Case in point: The California-based company had a client at Opelousas General Hospital in Louisiana who desperately needed special assistance with an install and networking of recently purchased Philips IntelliVue telemetry monitoring equipment from Pacific Medical. “Our client was going to have egg all over his face when hospital management was due to come view the equipment in the next 48 hours!” Bonin says. Not only that, but the new equipment was needed for patient procedures.

“We immediately booked a red-eye flight for our top engineer to go directly to the hospital, and at no additional cost to the client. In spite of his connecting flight being canceled and having to drive four hours through the night during a torrential rain storm, our engineer arrived, worked through the following day, and completed the install in time for management to give our client a big thumbs up for a job well done.” The client was both thrilled and relieved at Pacific Medical’s high level of commitment to get the equipment up and running.

Pacific Medical is truly committed to understanding and fulfilling its customers’ needs. “We understand our customers’ needs, from great customer service to a knowledgeable staff.” The company even offers personal one-on-one service and tech support to ensure customers have the answers they need.

In fact, Pacific Medical guarantees 100 percent satisfaction on every transaction from start to finish.

“We are in a very important industry and everyone, from the receptionist to customer service to engineers to shipping, needs to be professional and knowledgeable,” Bonin says. “This also requires these employees to be kind and courteous to all, whether it is a customer or our competition – our main objective is to do good business with patient safety as the ultimate goal.”

For more information, visit www.pacificmedicalsupply.com or call (800) 449-5328.