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Corporate Profile: Pacific  Medical

Medical Dealer Magazine | Cover Story | Secret Sauce
Medical Dealer Magazine | Corporate Profile | Pacific MedicalIt is 5 a.m. on the West Coast and Pacific Medical is already buzzing with energy. Inside the 15,000-square-foot building each department from sales and customer service to engineering, shipping and receiving are all focused on one goal: maximize customer satisfaction through value and quality.
The medical device repair industry saw very few companies 20 years ago. Today, it’s no secret the industry has seen an influx of small companies nationwide.
None of them, however, are as robust as Pacific Medical.
Pacific Medical provides hospitals and surgery centers worldwide with a reliable source for the repair and refurbishment of patient monitoring equipment. Their full service repair depot houses numerous certified engineers working with the latest equipment to ensure each piece is ready for patient use. The organization also carries an enormous inventory of recertified monitoring equipment for sale, with OEM compatible accessories from all manufacturers, including Philips and GE.
“We recognize the industry has become very price driven,” Owner Andy Bonin said, “but Pacific Medical will always stay focused on the quality of our work. While we remain competitive, patient safety and consistency remain the core value in our services.”
The company’s motivation is fueled by its quest to be “the best service provider through operational excellence.” Over the past decade, their totality of experiences, coupled with adaptation in a changing industry, has facilitated Pacific Medical’s rise to become the industry’s most reliable leader.
“There is such a demand for consolidation to increase buying power, with an eye toward cutting operation costs that include repair services, parts acquisitions, and accessories,” said Sales Director Eric Hatteberg. “We are able to respond to the demand with a comprehensive solution that covers multiple locations and includes volume discounts for our customers.”
Medical Dealer Magazine | Corporate Profile | Pacific Medical
As a result, Pacific Medical has further developed its portfolio with a Web-based order submission system called the Portal. The Portal is a personalized platform which connects clients in real time to the company’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software system, and allows customers to submit, track, and place an order. Customers can also print shipping labels, view account history and monitor order status.
“Our customers have been absolutely thrilled with the Portal,” said Hatteberg. “It relieves time generating an order and allows the customer to work on their own projects and deadlines.”
One of the newest features added to the Portal is the ability for customers to enter through the company’s new website, www.pacificmedicalsupply.com, which launched in November 2013.
“After the Portal was created we continued the same momentum by building a consumer-friendly, informative website with extra bells and whistles over most other sites,” said Kristen Kelly, Marketing/Operations. “Linking the two together furthers our goal in giving customers one source for their entire patient monitoring needs.”
The e-commerce platform offers over 2,500 available products for purchase, product resourcing, cable cross referencing, online customer service chat and the ability to add product options for more complex devices.
Medical Dealer Magazine | Corporate Profile | Pacific Medical
“We really took into consideration the ease of use for our customers,” said Kelly. “For example, if a customer wants a Philips MP70 patient monitor, they can build a complete patient ready package without having to leave the product page. It is all spelled out in convenience.”
The new website also offers a repair section, where customers who are not signed up through the Portal can have their repair request fulfilled with just a click of a button.
“Customers want to have confidence in their vendor,” said Kelly. “That’s why we complimented the website to entail a list of our core repair competencies, along with the ability to submit an online repair form and request a free shipping label.”
According to Kelly, the Portal and new website launch are the first of many goals to be accomplished in 2014. Additional new and exciting promotions will be revealed in weeks to come.
“We really feel we have taken our image to a new level,” said Kelly. “We have an edge over our competition and are excited to promote the quality Pacific Medical has to offer. Overall, I believe, the impression is that Pacific Medical is the most dynamic vendor the industry has to offer.”
In addition to recent internal accomplishments, the organization has also focused on deepening relationships with biomedical societies across the nation in order to promote education and make a difference in the biomedical community.
“We set out at the beginning of 2014 to make a difference by leading the way with supporting the Biomedical Engineering Technician (BMET) profession,” said Vice President of Operations Damon Kelley. “We contribute to many societies who really need it across the United States, however, we are doing the most in our home state of California with the California Medical Instrument Association (CMIA).”
Pacific Medical sponsored a two-month membership drive, in which the first 10 new attendees were offered a free 2014 membership, while existing members received 50 percent off their renewals. In addition, Pacific Medical also promotes employees to volunteer free time to other areas such as, serving as individual board members, promoting the Frank Yip Scholarship Fund, and assisting with the 2015 upcoming symposium in San Diego, Calif.

Medical Dealer Magazine | Corporate Profile | Pacific Medical

The new e-commerce website, offers over 2,500 products, including the ability to connect directly to the Portal, and build patient ready packages without leaving the product page.

“I know time is valuable,” said Kelley, who volunteers as the CMIA’s Frank Yip Scholarship Fund chair, “If I can contribute to help a good cause, then I know the reward is that I am not only helping the CMIA, but also promoting the value of education to people who really need it.”
Pacific Medical’s commitment to give back has also broadened to further in its contributions with additional nonprofits, including Make a Wish Foundation, BP for MS (Multiple-Sclerosis) and Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund.
While Pacific Medical continues to thrive with innovative ways to add value, they also maintain the importance of keeping their primary focus on their main objectives of quality and consistency.
“We understand the difficult balancing act between cutting costs and trying to maintain a patient safety first directive,” said Hatteberg. “Many (vendors) may choose to use lower quality parts and employ unskilled technicians. We, on the other hand, do not sacrifice quality. We have spent considerable time and resources educating our engineers to understand repairs at the component level and our success bears this out.”
Located in San Juan Capistrano, Calif., Pacific Medical traces its roots back over a decade to when Bonin began to expand his repair competencies from fetal transducers and accessories to a wide range of core competencies, including gas analyzers, infusion pumps, modules and monitors. The once two-person company has grown and now employees close to 60 people, with reinforcements in place to make sure that as the organization grows the main objective will always be to offer more than just a “buy, sell, repair,” relationship with customers.
“What sets us apart from the rest is our willingness to do business in various ways to meet the needs of our customers,” said Hatteberg. “The growth we have seen as a company is evidence our customers feel the same way.”
For more information about Pacific Medical visit pacificmedicalsupply.com.