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Corporate Profile: MW Imaging

Continues to grow, serve more areas

Medical Dealer Magazine | Corporate Profile | MW Imaging
Growth describes MW Imaging Corporation. The ultrasound service provider continues to grow to meet the needs of its current customers while adding to its list of satisfied clients.
A quick review of the company shows that it grew from a small office in the home of founder and president Robert “Bob” J. Grzeskowiak into a 10,000-square-foot building in Saint Charles, Mo.
“Midwest Imaging Corporation started in 1991 and was incorporated in 1995 by Bob Grzeskowiak,” said Amber Sportsman, Operations Manager at MW Imaging.
“Bob was previously a service engineer with Hewlett Packard and had the idea that he could start his own company to offer his customers personal service at a discount over what the OEMs were charging. He had a loyal customer base that encouraged him to make the decision to start his company.”
The customers remain the top priority to this day at MW Imaging. The company knows these loyal customers are the reason it has grown and the employees seek to give the same great service to every customer.
“Many of his original customers are still serviced by us today,” Sportsman said. “Recognizing the potential for growth in the industry, Bob hired his first employees in late 2007. This allowed Bob more time to focus on service and research & development. We began marketing our parts and service to other dealers and end-users throughout the country. The company’s growth has been attributed to many factors but we feel our topnotch customer service and quality parts and service are what have retained our customers. We are routinely referred to others and recognize without our loyal customers we would not be as successful as we are.”
The needs of his customers are the reason Grzeskowiak created the business.
“In 1991, I saw a low-cost alternative to solve my customers’ needs to service several OEM platforms,” he said. “Lower cost for service, parts and systems soon led to additional business opportunities. Next, I purchased a 10,000-square-foot building to house parts, probes, systems, administrative and engineering staff.”
“From here we added service and sales personnel throughout the midwest, northeast, and southern states,” Grzeskowiak explained. “Due to this geographic expansion, our name was changed from Midwest Imaging to MW Imaging.”corporate-profile-1
MW Imaging, an ultrasound service provider, has more than 20 years of serving its customers and has established an impeccable reputation among some of the top medical centers and doctors in the United States. MW Imaging provides a cost-effective alternative for ultrasound system sales, service and repair throughout the United States. The company also provides transducer repair and sales.
MW Imaging’s growth includes the new facility in Saint Charles with an inhouse repair center, conference center for in-house training and an extensive inventory and supply warehouse.
MW Imaging also boasts an educated staff.
“All of our degreed engineers average at least 20 years of experience in ultrasound repair service,” according to the company’s website. “Having been trained by the leading ultrasound manufacturers, we offer you superior technological skills. MW Imaging engineers are also clinically trained to better communicate with your clinical technologist.”

“MW Imaging continuously strives to expand its personnel and inventory to meet its customers’ ever changing needs.” – Bob Grzeskowiak, President

Sportsman echoed that sentiment.
“MW Imaging has an exceptional staff. Our employees’ backgrounds are diverse. We have employees that have backgrounds with OEMs, biomed departments, end-users and PCB repair to name a few,” she said. “Bringing all of this comprehensive knowledge together has allowed us the advantage of understanding every aspect of our field. We are unique in that we offer hand delivery of many of our parts and probes, and we offer same-day service on down systems. We also provide free loaner probes (when available). We do not charge evaluation fees. And, again, our free tech support has proved invaluable to many, biomed departments.”
Their tech support assists even when the person with the problem does not need to buy a part in order to repair a medical device.
“Again, we feel our customer service puts us ahead of the competition by leaps and bounds,” Sportsman said. “We offer free tech support whether you are a current customer or a potential customer. Our engineers are available 24×7 to assist with system issues. We routinely work with biomeds over the phone to fix issues when no parts are even required. By offering this free information we believe the next time a part is needed we’ll be the first to receive the call.”
“We have relationships with our customers that are ongoing,” she added. “We also have relationships with the purchasing staff. We know many times price drives the purchase and we may not always be the least expensive but because we are always willing to assist – whether that be finding the right part number or coming back to the office late to get a critical part out the door – our customers know they can count on us.”
“MW Imaging saves the day for a customer a minimum of once a week,” Sportsman said. “This, again, goes back to our personal relationships with our customers. We have shipped parts after hours or on weekends. We have spent hours on the phone diagnosing complicated system issues with customers. We are always willing to go the extra mile to make the customer the star. We want our customers to succeed which allows us to succeed.”
Great customer service is a claim made by many companies, but MW Imaging shared examples that highlight the dedication and problem-solving talents of the company’s employees.
“Recently one of our field engineers was working at a major hospital on a down Philips system. The engineer brought the necessary parts and promptly repaired the system. As the engineer was buttoning up the system, another problem arose in a nearby imaging room,” Grzeskowiak said. “The engineer analyzed the problem and told the customer we could have the system repaired within the next couple hours. The customer’s response was ‘show me,’ so the MW Imaging team went into action.”
“The field engineer called the office and consulted the tech support team,” he continued. “The tech support team identified the defective part and the part was driven out to the site. The part was installed and the system was up and running within a twohour time period.”
However, that is just one example.
Bob Coyle, Director, Northeast Division at MW Imaging shared another time that MW Imaging saved the day for a customer.
“Just this last Monday (Nov. 25, 2013) a customer went down around noon in New Hampshire and they had 2 TEE studies scheduled for the afternoon. The patients were ready and prepped. The call took top priority and we had them up and running by 2:30,” Coyle said. “They were able to perform the studies with very little interruption in their schedule and it was seamless to the patients and doctors involved.”
He said that experience illustrates how the company does business.
“We concentrate on what we know best. We understand that the customer comes first and that they have a choice in who they use as their ultrasound provider,” he said.
Grzeskowiak created MW Imaging and continues to add topnotch employees to make sure the company he created continues to meet the needs of the customers.
“Our engineers are equipped with a dynamic inventory and software tools to assure a quick customer turnaround of a nonfunctional system,” he said. “The inventory and tools often lead to repairing the system with one visit. This is supplemented with our 24/7 technical staff to assist our customers and field engineers with technical information which results in quick system turnaround times.”
“Our core competency is our technical knowledge of new ultrasound platforms,” Grzeskowiak said. “Our research and development team will break down systems into individual parts and learn how to troubleshoot and repair these parts. Unique selling points are competitive parts pricing backed with a 90day warranty and 24/7 technical support. Also, expansion of our loaner TEE and imaging probe inventory has led to the quick resolution of down probes. Providing a loaner probe to customers during the repair cycle has led to significant cost savings.”
Growth remains a theme for MW Imaging. The company has an expansion of its inventory control system and personnel on the horizon. It also plans to add technical staff to repair inhouse parts, probes and systems as well as the addition of more clerical staff to meet the needs of customers.
“Recently we have purchased new GE/Philips systems, TEE and imaging probes, state-of-the-art soldering stations and plan to have a new inventory tracking system installed in the near future,” Grzeskowiak said.
“MW Imaging continuously strives to expand its personnel and inventory to meet its customers’ ever changing needs,” he added.
MW Imaging will be at the next MD Expo in Las Vegas and Sportsman invites everyone to stop by and say hi.
“MW Imaging is a proud exhibitor at the MD Expo shows. We enjoy the intimacy of the shows and appreciate the opportunity to make connections with new customers,” she said. “If you are attending the spring 2014 MD Expo Show in Las Vegas, please stop by booth No. 426 and introduce yourself. If not, feel free to contact us if you’d like more information about who we are and what we can offer you.”
FOR MORE INFORMATION about MW Imaging, visit mwimaging.com.