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Corporate Profile: MW Imaging – Celebrating 25 Years!

MW Imaging celebrates 25 years of outstanding service and growth in the ultrasound industry this year. The company’s growth can be attributed to its focus on customer service as well as its commitment to seeking out quality employees.
Medical Dealer Magazine | Corporate Profile | MW ImagingMW Imaging Founder and President Robert “Bob” Grzeskowiak knows his company’s success and longevity go hand-in-hand with his intense and unwavering desire to provide the best possible customer service. This trait is nurtured in a company-wide atmosphere that consistently produces excellence.
It is an approach that delivers top-quality service to all of MW Imaging’s customers – whether they have depended on MW Imaging for 20-plus years or are using the company for the very first time.
“I think our key to success is customer service. Providing our customers with reliable quality parts, probes and systems, immediate call back response, 24/7 free technical support, six-month warranty for most parts and a reliable competent staff that meets and exceeds our customers’ expectations,” Grzeskowiak says.
MW Imaging Operations Manager Amber Sportsman knows about the company’s excellent service because she was once a customer.
“Midwest Imaging (now MW Imaging) was started out of a need for third-party service in the St. Louis, Missouri area,” Sportsman says. “In the ’80s and early ’90s, Bob Grzeskowiak was a service engineer with Hewlett Packard and had a very loyal customer base. The customers were loyal to Bob, not HP – I know this because at that time I was one of those customers! Bob was encouraged to start his own business, after all, he was the face we all knew and his service was always prompt and top notch. With customer support in place, he made the jump. Midwest Imaging was officially launched in 1991 and was incorporated in 1995. Since that time, Bob moved from his garage to a 10,000-square-foot facility located in St. Charles, Missouri and 2016 marks our 25th anniversary in business.”
Grzeskowiak led by example from the very beginning and he continues to offer constant reminders to treat customers right, every day!
“We say it all of the time, but honestly, our personal approach to our business is what has led to our loyal customers. MW Imaging has become a trusted name in the ultrasound industry. We aren’t saying other companies don’t have loyal customers but to our customers, we are rock stars,” Sportsman explains. “Our customers have our cell numbers, they know they can call us anytime and we’ll pick up the phone. They know we’ll come in on a weekend to get parts out for Monday morning delivery. We know about their families, we value so many of them as friends – it’s not always just about the business.”
Medical Dealer Magazine | Corporate Profile | MW ImagingMW Imaging Senior Field Service Engineer Tom Hanak also stresses the importance of customer service. It is evident that everybody within the company cares about quality service. It is more than a tagline on an advertisement. MW Imaging lives and breathes customer service.
“Customer service is one of our core competencies, it’s our main goal and one of the reasons we are successful,” Hanak says. “MW Imaging uses our technical expertise to get the customer the parts or service they need to take care of their ultrasound systems. We thoroughly test our parts to ensure that customer is getting a quality part.”
“While we may be viewed as small in size, under 15 employees, our hearts are big,” National Sales Manager Andrew Geidel says. “We understand our customers’ needs and put our knowledge and integrity to work the moment we receive a request for service, parts, repair, and – most of all – our unprecedented 24/7 tech support.”
MW Imaging Northeast Director Bob Coyle points out that industry expertise is another factor in the company’s growth because it goes hand-in-hand with providing outstanding customer service.
“We are a small, privately owned company that focuses on what we do best which is medical ultrasound. Our service professionals average over 30 years of experience in the ultrasound field,” Coyle explains.
“We have years of experience so there is very little that stumps us. If we do get stumped on an issue, we have the resources to find the answer,” he adds.
“Our extensive inventory enables us to solve most system issues with one site visit. This service results in quicker uptimes and a reduction in parts, labor and travel costs,” Grzeskowiak adds.
MW Imaging knows ultrasound and can help customers with a variety of models from different manufacturers.
“The industry continues to evolve exponentially, so we have had to accommodate these challenging times. By investing in the most recently released platforms and reverse engineering them, we are able to accommodate our customer needs and stay at the forefront above our competition,” Geidel explains. “While we are specifically known for our expertise with regards to the Philips line, I always find myself reminding our customers that we are very good with … GE, Siemens, Toshiba, and other OEMs as well. Also, we are not just a probe repair company, or just a parts resource. We encompass all things ultrasound.”
MW Imaging’s Matthew Nafziger says the company evolves with the newest technology and devices in ultrasound. It is just one more way MW Imaging provides excellent service.
“We’re always adapting to the recent changes in the ultrasound field. Whether it’s a new system or new process, I feel like we’re always ahead of the industry,” Nafziger says. “Even though we may not advertise it right away, we’re always spearheading new systems, technologies, and the capabilities of a ultrasound system.”
Hanak is confident in the capabilities of MW Imaging’s proven team.
Medical Dealer Magazine | Corporate Profile | MW Imaging“I’m excited about all our products and services, it’s a great feeling walking into a ultrasound room knowing that you can fix just about anything that is going wrong with their system,” Hanak says.
Coyle says MW Imaging stresses the importance of providing customers with what they need, sometimes before they even know what is coming up in the ultrasound industry.
“We work with the departments to try and tailor our services to their particular needs. If the department prefers to tackle the service we are there to provide tech support and parts support and to provide onsite service when needed,” Coyle says.
“We work to stay ahead of the curve with new product introductions. We make certain that when a new product is introduced that we will be ready to support it with parts and technical expertise once the warranty period has expired,” he adds.
Teamwork among the entire MW Imaging staff is another strength of the organization.
“I believe businesses are faced with challenges every week, every day, every hour. They can be as large and unique as the advancement in technologies or as small as helping a customer over the phone. In every instance, we are able to overcome these obstacles as a team,” Hanak says. “Our experienced staff combines to hammer out these challenges as they come up.”
Sportsman agrees and has seen firsthand how the teamwork at MW Imaging results in solutions for customers.
“Every employee at MW Imaging is critical to the smooth operation of our company. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, but when you put us together we are one cohesive group,” she says. “The saying ‘everyone is replaceable’ is true, but replacing one of our staff would be quite the challenge!”
“From my standpoint, all of the employees need to be recognized. It’s a team effort from beginning to end,” Geidel adds. “We all contribute to the success of our customers’ requests. It’s a well-oiled machine, it’s a mighty backbone. And it’s a great feeling knowing that we can achieve this day-in and day-out for our clientele using all of our personnel resources.”
MW Imaging’s facilities empower the team to do the work they do and achieve exceptional results for customers.
“Our 10,000-square-foot facility supports our research and development/technical support group, probe repair unit, PCB repair unit, shipping department, administrative staff and warehouse,” Grzeskowiak says.
A quarter century of delivering service to customers has also resulted in the potential for additional growth in the near future.
“Future expansion of our building to connecting buildings is in the planning stages,” Grzeskowiak says.
Regardless of the size of MW Imaging’s headquarters, customers can continue to turn to the company for outstanding work with an emphasis on customer service.
“Honesty, integrity, knowledge, experience, and that personal touch are the foundation of MW Imaging’s mission,” Geidel says. “Expect the best, expect the commitment, and expect success!”
MW Imaging’s founder and president attributes the company’s success to his employees. He is excited about MW Imaging’s 25th anniversary and is looking forward to another 25 years.
“MW Imaging will be celebrating its 25th year of providing our customers with reliable products and services in 2016,” Grzeskowiak says. “The company started in a modest garage setting and today is one of the top third-party products and services company in the U.S. and international markets. This success would not be possible without the dedication of our current staff. I’m truly grateful and appreciative of their hard work and dedication.”
For more information about MW Imaging, visit mwimaging.com.