Corporate Profile: Metropolis International LLC

Corporate Profile: Metropolis International LLC

Ten years is a significant milestone and Metropolis International LLC has every reason to celebrate as the company approaches the decade mark. The company was formed by forward-thinking Leon A. Gugel in 2005 when he saw an unmet need. A need for quality pre-owned diagnostic imaging equipment and, more importantly to Gugel, a need healthcare facilities had for a dependable and trustworthy partner.

“Metropolis was started in 2005, in direct need of an honest, no-nonsense, stocking dealer in New York City proper that does sales as well as service on the best refurbished systems in the industry,” Gugel explains. “I have been in the industry since late 1998. In that time, I have built a reputation of trust, knowledge and competence that is second to none. So, when I started Metropolis, I was looking to make the market grow bigger and better.”

“And now, nine years later, we are doing better than ever,” he adds. “We are growing and our team and products are on par, or better, than most other dealers from around the country.”

An experienced team of professionals powers the growth and success of Metropolis.

“With over 40 years of combined industry experience, we have built long-lasting and close relationships with our customers and vendors all over the United States and in many other countries around the world,” according to the company’s website. “We believe that this is the only way to succeed in business. Because we strive for repeat business, you can be assured that all of your needs will be taken care of in finding and providing the right equipment for your medical needs.”

Gugel explains that a yearning to stay educated and up to date on imaging equipment combined with a fierce dedication to customer service and relationship building is a part of the culture at Metropolis.

“The advantages that Metropolis has over the competition is that we learn all the time. The first aspect is that we learn about the market we are in, what systems we sell and work with. We learn about what makes them tick and their respective histories,” he says. “Second, we provide extremely good customer service. After all, what is a customer and a product we want to sell them if we don’t provide support, help, logistics and service? Much like any human interaction and relationship, it works the same way with the staff of Metropolis as well as with myself.”

Another huge bonus of dealing with Metropolis is the company’s strict adherence to FDA regulations.

“The biggest advantage I believe we have is that the FDA mandated that ‘all entities that sell, service and propagate radiological emitting devices must be registered with the FDA.’ This is something that most folks in our industry do not know of, or simply don’t care about, or take for granted. But this is the law, even if one does nothing but broker equipment,” Gugel explains. “We are FDA registered and keep all proper records of everything we do. And, the most reassuring part for the customer as well as our vendors, is that because we are FDA registered we keep proper validation forms of all systems we sell to prove that they are working.”

Gugel is the founder and leader at Metropolis, but he is quick to applaud the entire team. He isn’t shy when it comes to describing what makes them special.

“And another advantage we have is that our service manager, Alex Kalish, is the best engineer that I have ever seen,” Gugel says. “I have been doing this for over 16 years now, and I have seen engineers, but never someone with the skill-set and competence that he has. Under his leadership, we are able to easily fix any system that comes in that is broken from ultrasound to mammography, to C-arm even CT and MRI, as well as X-ray and nuclear medicine.”

“As a result, we have picked up numerous service contracts from old and new customers who are amazed at his technical capabilities,” Gugel adds. “He also helps train and focus the rest of the service members here.”

Gugel and Kalish are not the only stars at Metropolis.

“We have added another service engineer to our roster as well as William Cadet as head of retail sales. Otherwise, we have a staff that has been here for many years which gives us the stability that every business strives for,” Gugel points out.

“We have many good employees, Katherine has been a part of Metropolis for more than six years now, and Andrew has been here for more than four,” he says. “And, as I mentioned before, our engineer is a genius. Alex is able to fix anything, not just mechanically, but also solve electrical and critical software issues that the systems may have. This software capability is what makes Metropolis second to none! We have the capability to fix any system, any modality from any manufacturer.”

Healthcare in the United States is undergoing lots of change and the economic struggles of the past continue to have an impact on the medical imaging market. Despite these obstacles, Metropolis has performed very well and Gugel looks forward to the next 10 years.

“The challenges that Metropolis faced were, I think, the same as what many others faced. The economy, regardless of the faux numbers the government reports, is still not what it was in 2009 or before,” Gugel says. “In conjunction with reimbursement cuts, and with doctors and hospitals afraid to pull the trigger on upgrades or purchases of new systems, the medical environment has become very tight. There are fewer spending dollars and even those that are being spent are done so with more scrutiny. Metropolis simply refocused their efforts both individually and collectively in reaching out to old and new customers and vendors in an effort to generate more business.”

“Metropolis is truly a unique company among many. It was founded on the principal of better service and systems and being able to adapt to the changing market environment that we are all in,” he says. “We are looking at continued growth and stability for Metropolis in garnering not just more sales, but more service as well. We are actively adding unique and qualified service techs to our team.”

As the company prepares to reach the 10-year mark, Gugel sees a promising future on the horizon.

“What excites me about Metropolis and its prospects at the moment are the phenomenal upgrades we do on older ultrasounds, C-arms and portables that have been saving hospitals and private doctors lots of money. And, in turn, it generates more business for Metropolis,” Gugel adds. “And, we are in negotiations to become a primary refurbishment company for a large OEM.”

The company’s 10-year anniversary is close, and Metropolis has proven that an honest desire to provide excellent customer service, world-class support and an extremely talented pool of employees have the company on the right track for the next decade and beyond.

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