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Corporate Profile: Injector Support & Service

Today, the health care industry in the United States requires hospitals and health care facilities to maintain a laser focus on cost-saving measures. As a result, biomed departments are bringing the annual maintenance of their equipment in-house; this increase in self-service maintenance has created an increased need for quality, low-cost support alternatives beyond PMs – and beyond the OEM.
Who We Are
The mission at Injector Support and Service (ISS) is to provide professional, timely, and superior support and service for medical contrast injectors.
The family-owned and operated company started in 2011 in Ryan Clarke’s spare bedroom, and quickly grew to the present 2,700-square-foot space that serves as service department and depot center. Each of the eight employees is committed to providing outstanding customer service. Their genuine dedication, hard work, and ISS’s competitive pricing have contributed to the company’s success.
What We Do
Clarke has served the biomed community in various capacities since 2001. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Master of Engineering in Industrial and Systems Engineering with an emphasis in business management. After a decade servicing injectors – his experience and educational background gave him a unique perspective of an emerging market and the need to provide support to on-site biomeds.
“[I wanted to provide] an alternative to the practice of simply opening a service call ticket and charging extensive on-site service costs for what many times were simple resets,” he recalls.
And that is how ISS was realized. Today it is the only company to provide national and international support solutions exclusively on contrast injectors.
When dealing with extensive repairs, ISS offers invaluable and technical expertise through telephone technical support and parts hero kits for on-site troubleshooting.
Technation Magazine | Corporate Profile | Injector Support and Service“We bring our comprehensive knowledge to our partner ISOs to provide the end user hospitals and imaging centers with prompt, cost-effective solutions,” he says.
ISS is there for customers when it comes to expert insights and options regarding medical contrast injectors via numerous services, including:
• Error message explanation/walk-through, as well as PM and calibration verification support via our telephone support service
• Through years of experience, ISS has identified a multitude of high-risk and high-failure parts that should be replaced during each PM. From seals and gaskets to fans and batteries, these PM kits offer a comprehensive equipment reset, affording confidence in the injector’s reliability
• ISS recognizes that it is not always financially viable for a trained service engineer to arrive at your location. The company’s depot services are an ideal reliable and cost-effective alternative to on-site service response
• Limiting lab downtime is critical. ISS can offer loaner injection systems for use during repair, testing, or even lab retrofit. The company stocks injectors for most all modalities with rental periods to meet a customer’s specific needs
• On-site service response options are also available and include:
• Preventative Maintenance/Calibration Verifications
• Corrective Maintenance
• Professional Install
• User Operations Training
• ISS provides service and support for the leading injectors, including Avanta™, Stellant® D, Stellant® Sx, Envision CT™, Vistron® CT, MK IV™, MK IV/CT™, MCT™, MCT Plus™, MKV™, MKV Plus™, MKV ProVis®, Spectris™, Spec wer™ and Empower CTA®*
Exceeding Expectations
A customer-centric business model has earned ISS global recognition. ISS has been known for “Saving the Day.”
“A new site located in Hawaii called for immediate service on a Saturday afternoon,” Clarke recalls.
“Calls to other vendors had ended with the requirement for a $10,000 minimum P.O. and an approximately two-week lead time to arrive on site. This […] was of course unacceptable!”
Technation Magazine | Corporate Profile | Injector Support and ServiceClarke quickly put together pricing options for an on-site visit and entertained the idea of getting on the next flight to Hawaii from Florida. However, it would be impossible to get to the location earlier than Monday evening.
“I then offered our loaner with depot service option, which if shipped out on Monday, could arrive on location Tuesday morning (only a few hours beyond the best possible arrival time for a technician). With the use of our loaner, the lab was back up quickly and the repair of the customer’s equipment was completed at a fraction of the cost to have someone arrive on-site,” Clarke says.
Family and Community
“As a family-run business, we believe that all employees are our family, and [we] strongly encourage personal and community growth beyond the doors of ISS. I am a strong advocate for continuing education and community involvement whenever possible and create a flexible work environment to accommodate the staff’s needs,” states Clarke.
He and his wife, Jennifer, actively support various charities; including Orlando-based Give Kids the World, Disabled American Veterans, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Ethan Decker provides time to Team Red White and Blue, Operation Homefront, Homes for Hero’s, Wounded Warrior Project, all benefiting combat veterans. David Barnes contributes his time to Upward Basketball, a church outreach program – teaching teamwork, leadership, and respect to young kids and teens. Scott Kimbrell is a Life Scout and has contributed his time to local BSA Troop 198 since 2001. They are recognized as being the only troop within the Central Florida Council where all scouts have achieved the rank of Eagle Scout.
Co-owner Bruce Clarke served 22 years in the U.S. Army. Lead Service Technician Jonathan Clarke served 10 years in the U.S. Marine Corps. Service Technician Ethan Decker also has a decade of service in the U.S. Marine Corps. Service Technician Assistant David Barnes has served six years in the U.S. Marine Corps, and continues his service.
“Many of our employees are veterans or active reservists. I am proud to work with these men every day and am grateful for the sacrifices they have given to our country – it is an honor to work with them,” Clarke says.
ISS Future
In the upcoming year, ISS will be relocating to a new facility, effectively doubling its service center and inventory capacity. This will allow the company to continue to grow with each customer’s needs, increase inventory, and hire more technicians to ensure quality service response at the right price.
“We will continue to foster strong relationships through solid performance and quality workmanship at a fair price,” states Clarke.
He is an active member of the HTM community participating in several industry conferences each year. He has been a regular presenter at FBS, teaching a course on Contrast Injector First Response. In 2016, ISS plans to exhibit at MD Expo Dallas, MD Expo New England, the annual AAMI conference, the North Carolina Biomedical Association conference and the Florida Biomedical Society conference.
For more information about Injector Support and Service please visit the company’s website at www.injectorsupport.com or call the company toll free at 888-667-1062. The general email address for requesting information is Ryan@injectorsupport.com. Customers can order parts by sending an email to order@injectorsupport.com.