Corporate Profile: Imaging Community Exchange

Corporate Profile: Imaging Community Exchange

ICE connects medical imaging service professionals

Forget Facebook and check out ICE.

The Imaging Community Exchange (ICE) is the exciting and new free online community for the diagnostic imaging industry that can be found at

ICE serves as a gathering place where medical imaging service professionals can network, share knowledge, receive continuing education and seek career advancement assistance.

ICE founder Manny Roman envisions ICE as a community with the flexibility to always meet the needs of its members.

Roman, a leader in the industry who continues to serve medical imaging professionals with his signature approach, helped establish DITEC and was a co-founder of RSTI. He is a force in the industry as a teacher, mentor, role model and trailblazer.

A trailblazer whose desire to serve the medical imaging community led him to create ICE.

“We rolled this out in October at MD Expo show in Florida,” Roman said. “We’ve had nearly 200 members join in less than a month.”

ICE members include professionals with diagnostic imaging and HTM backgrounds.

“It is really a cross section. We have vendors, we have OEM representatives, we have service professionals – both biomeds and imaging people,” Roman said.

“It is a community for anyone who is interested in the healthcare technology management profession because the content is relevant to everyone,” he added. “We even have radiologists and directors of radiology who have joined.”

ICE is growing daily.

“This is an evolving community that is driven by the members,” Roman said. “We’ve always wanted the members to be the driving force that makes things happen and we realize that the content that we’ve put on there is not just for imaging people, its for anybody. So even though it began with the imaging community in mind it has really evolved into a HTM community.”

It is easy to join ICE.

“Just go to and hit the register button and give us a little bit of information. One thing that I want to stress is that the information that is provided will always be held in the strictest confidence,” Roman said.

Each member selects a username when registering and the username is what appears on the website to provide anonymity, Roman explained.

ICE was created to serve the imaging and HTM community, but how it does that will depend heavily on input from its members.

“The goal of ICE, essentially, is to establish a place where Healthcare Technology Management professionals can go and be a part of a community that belongs to them and that is driven by the members,” Roman explained. “There are personal development and professional development topics, videos and articles, a great wall for them to post pictures, a forum for the things that they are interested in and a way for them to communicate with each other.”

“The bottom line is to have a place where people can go and see things that relate to who they are and what they do. We do the research and the legwork and put together a place for them,” he said.

Membership also has additional benefits.

“Membership is free and we don’t ever anticipate creating any fee-based memberships. We are going to be putting together some members-only content,” Roman said.

An example of members-only content is a video of Roman delivering his most popular presentation. The session focuses on customer relationships and is the most-requested presentation from his years of speaking at industry shows and conferences.

“We are going to make that for members only,” Roman said. “We want people to participate, so we are going to have a lot of members-only content.”

“I want to point out one thing. The first question we always get asked is why are you doing this and how are you going to make money,” he said. “We are doing this because there is a need and we are filling a need. As for the money, it will always be free to be a member. The expectation is that vendors will support the community by sponsoring the website.”

The way the community is being shaped and directed by the members is exciting for Roman as he watches ICE continue to meet the needs of members. It is also a gateway to services where members can have their unique needs met whether it be information about a medical device or tips for finding a job.

“The whole concept is to be driven by the needs and wants and desires of the community itself,” Roman said. “We have even begun to have people ask for resume assistance. Just recently we did a review of an individual’s resume and made some suggestions on what I thought the resume should look like.”

The goal is to deliver what the members desire.

“You can’t build a community without the people expressing their desires and needs and wants. That is what a community is,” Roman said.

“I would just ask people to give it a shot. It doesn’t hurt to join and become a member of a community that supports the industry. Just check it out,” he added. “Don’t be left out in the cold.”

The formation of ICE began as Roman was preparing for the inaugural MD Imaging Expo. Roman said that he and his wife, Ruth, realized that there are many biomed specific organizations, but there wasn’t a specific association for imaging professionals.

“When the MD Publishing people decided to do the Imaging Expo in July, and it was so well received, that is what demonstrated that we needed to do something,” he added.

He shared the idea with MD Publishing President John Krieg.

“ICE is a collaboration,” he said. “We know the profession. We know the professionals in the industry and we share with the MD Publishing group a commitment to enhancing the profession and the professionals in the industry.”

To learn more about ICE please visit