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Colin Construction Company (Colin CC) was started in 1981 by Owner/President Mark Colin. He developed a dedicated service model to medical facility design/build and health care construction originally serving California and Nevada. Through Mark’s vision and leadership Colin CC has garnered a very successful record of accomplishment of implementing the modernization of hospitals and clinics and has expanded throughout the Western U.S. as a leader supporting new OEM technologies.
Colin CC has been growing as a company and in 2016 Mark was very confident in Kevin Cook’s ability to be the right person to lead the company forward as chief operating officer. Kevin previously served 20 years in the Air Force, retiring in 2005. During his military service, he supervised and managed more than 20 biomedical equipment technicians in the repair and maintenance of $65 million in medical equipment technology for David Grant Medical Center at Travis AFB in California. He also managed the turnkey construction and equipment maintenance programs at Travis AFB. Upon his retirement from the military in 2005, Kevin started out as an estimator at Colin CC where he developed the statement of work and budgets for projects. A year later he was promoted to operations manager where Mark continued to mentor his growth. There have been many changes over the past several years and Colin CC has evolved and grown significantly with Kevin managing day-to-day operations.
In 2016 Colin CC also added a new position for Marketing and Business Development to ensure continued growth and to meet customer expectations.
The Director of Business Development Eddie Acosta, also a retired Air Force biomedical equipment technician, managed the technology management office, and worked as a clinical system engineer for Kaiser. He managed technology budgets and executed the purchasing and project management of Kaiser’s Northern California health care strategy. Colin CC highlights Air Force training especially in regards to management, specialized knowledge and implementing advances in medical technology. For health care facilities to incorporate the newest medical industry technology, major renovation and construction is often necessary. This is usually on a limited budget, within a strict time period, in restrictive surroundings, and with a reduced building staff. With Colin CC’s experience, the company can factor all of its clients concerns and ensure a successful project process and completion.
For more about the company Medical Dealer interviewed Colin CC Chief Operating Officer Kevin Cook and Director of Business Development Eddie Acosta.

Q: What are some advantages that your company has over the competition?
Acosta/Cook: The advantage Colin CC has over the competition starts with our site visits and our experience understanding the specific vendor requirements for each modality. We compare that to the existing conditions so that the right scope of work with a well-defined budget is presented.
Another advantage is the project management team of Scott Zellerbach and Derek Contizano focusing on our client’s specific needs and maintaining a high-level of personal involvement on each project. The PM team works with our preselected design professionals and engineer the most cost-effective set of construction drawings followed by our ability to execute our plan aggressively and efficiently with the goal of minimizing impact to patient care and delivering the latest in state-of-the-art technology to the population served by that hospital. Our processes include collaboration with a core group of design consultants and our proven integrated design/build method that can deliver an incomparable project plan. This cost-effective service model is a key to success for a health care organization’s new technology strategy for advanced patient care and services.
Q: What are some challenges that your company faced last year? How were you able to overcome them?
Acosta/Cook: Some of the challenges that Colin CC experienced was a 30-plus percent growth in revenue in 2016. This rapid growth was met with challenges in staffing to meet demands and to maintain our high level of customer satisfaction. Also, the reality that more gross revenue did not necessarily equate to the same profit margins. We also saw a significant shift in the dollar size of contracts and negotiated a large scope project valued at $9 million. Typically, our median contract value was approximately $1 million. These long-duration, high-dollar contracts set the company up for more risk and exposure. To overcome some of these developments, mid-way through 2016 our COO gave ultimate responsibility for budget management to the project managers and worked with them to identify areas for improvement in the process of expediting projects. Also, a top down review of staffing was implemented to target hiring in key areas. This allowed some areas of responsibility to be delegated to other or new staff members to eliminate some of the multiple hat wearing that occurs with smaller organizations.

Q: Can you explain your company’s core competencies and unique selling points?
Acosta/Cook: At Colin CC, our core competencies and strategic advantage are the collective knowledge from management, project management, project engineering teams and our integrated design/build model. This includes the use of technology with software programs to develop proposals and manage projects that expand our technical capabilities to be competitive. The additions of a business development and marketing program accentuates our core competencies and strengthen our competitive advantage.
Our values of community, communication and commitment reinforce our core competencies. We value people and relationships. Respect and trust within our network in the design, construction and health care industry has made our progress steadfast for the last 30 years. We take ownership and pride in our work to help our health care clients advocate for better care for the communities we serve.
We communicate and stay personally involved from design to completion and have a hand-on approach to our processes. Site visits enable us to identify potential issues early and incorporate constructible solutions. We offer straightforward project management and coordination on all our projects and emphasize clear and open communication within the team.
We are committed to making every project for our clients run as seamless as possible. With our focused background and specialized experience in the medical industry, we are able to research new building materials and construction methods that save time and reduce disruptions is an ongoing approach. Proactive and client focused, keeping end users in mind, we see the bigger picture and always strive for excellence.
Q: What product or service that your company offers are you most excited about right now?
Acosta/Cook: Colin CC is most excited about our design-build model and key equipment vendors have taken notice, including our reputation, and ability to deliver projects on time and on budget. This recently led Colin CC to negotiated with an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to manage their national turn key program rather than the vendor hiring resources internally. This is a win-win for both Colin CC and the vendor. The vendor has an opportunity to expand its list of available services and can utilize the team at Colin CC and its experience to be successfully awarded more projects. As the vendor develops leads, they then have access to the network that Colin CC has developed across the U.S. to provide a design build turnkey option for their customer.

Q: What is on the horizon for the company? How will it evolve in the coming years?
Acosta/Cook: Colin CC continues to look to the future with continued customer satisfaction and growth in mind. With the addition of our director of business development position Colin CC plans, for the first time, to develop a business development and marketing program. This includes developing a five-year marketing strategy to build the brand and business relationships with clients and vendors. Marketing has expanded on social media highlighting completed projects. Business relationship software was also incorporated under this program to track opportunities, leads and proposals.
Q: Can you share some company success stories with our readers?
Acosta/Cook: The most recent success story Colin Construction Company has is partnering with St. Joseph’s Medical Center in completing an 8,000-square-foot addition to the ER, more than doubling its size. This was an $8 million-dollar expansion that included the addition of 24 new treatment spaces, increasing the square footage by almost 60 percent. St. Joseph’s is the busiest ER in the county and sees over 7,000 patient visits per month, over 232 patients every day, a 30 percent increase over just last year. In fact, St. Joseph’s ER has more patient visits annually than Stanford, UC Davis and UCSF medical centers. This expansion including the opening of 10 additional private rooms in the maternity department and neonatal intensive care unit was expanded by eight beds. Another addition was the cardiac hybrid suite and a new cardiac catheterization lab at St. Joseph’s Heart & Vascular Institute. Colin CC is honored to be a partner with St Joseph’s Medical Center and building the quality of health care in the Stockton, California community.
Q: Can you highlight any recent changes?
Acosta/Cook: The most recent changes have been that our operation outgrew our corporate office in Grass Valley, California in 2016. In early 2017, Colin CC decided to look for new office space and purchased a building in Auburn, California to house its operations. The purchase expanded the office space from 2,300 square feet to 4,700 square feet. We moved into the new state-of-the-art facility mid-October and this puts our field team closer to our Northern California customers.

Q: Can you share a little about your employees?
Acosta/Cook: Colin CC has a very experienced corporate officer team made up of President/Owner Mark Colin, COO Kevin Cook and CFO Christian Nelson.
Another key player in the success of the team is Office Manager Ashley Hile. She has been with Colin CC for 10 years During that time, she has worked in every administrative position and has gained knowledge and experience that has helped to shape the current administration team.
Colin CC also has an outstanding project estimating department that has expanded the last two years adding a full-time estimator and a full time on-site project engineer.
Estimating Manager Jody Harper oversees and directs the PE/estimating department. PE/Estimator Mark Ennis provides estimating and project engineering for the Sacramento area and states east of California. Onsite PE Bill Rutherford provides PE support on project sites for the larger projects that require a dedicated staff to facilitate their operation. Tony Hohl is the estimator dedicated to providing a focused in-depth analysis of scope and costs. PE Assistant Kimberley Suan provides support to the PE team and project managers and also processes submittals, drawings and closeouts.
The project estimating department was awarded the Siemens Design Construction Services 2015 Best Proposal Award at their annual conference which consists of general contractors from all over the country in the Colin CC peer group. Colin CC continues to hone its skills in the PE department, with the goal of being the best PE/estimating department in our sector.
Colin CC was also awarded in 2013 the Outstanding Project Award (West Zone) by Philips Healthcare recognizing our design build model for an interventional cath lab project.
Q: What is the company’s mission statement?
Acosta/Cook: Our mission statement and vision reinforce our core competencies.
Our Mission: We are committed to designing and building projects that facilitate the delivery of state-of-the-art patient care services and treatments in the communities we serve.
Our Vision: To be one of the leading design/build health care general contractors specializing in advanced technology and medical equipment projects in the Western U.S.
Q: Is there anything else you want readers to know about the company?
Acosta/Cook: Colin CC is a small sophisticated construction company and that allows us to take on difficult and detail-intensive projects. The deep experience of our superintendents, led by Brian Deily, with technically challenging health care and imaging projects allows us to plan for the many potential pitfalls before they can negatively impact a project. Our construction crews are very dedicated and professional with exceedingly high standards for quality and customer satisfaction. With vetted design teams and loyal subcontractors, we can deliver high quality in a variety of different ways, and we have the knowledge and creativity to develop those opportunities. We hold ourselves accountable for everything we do and our customers recognize that. Many of our customers are repeat customers, and the continued respect we have earned over the years has developed the trust that keeps them reaching out to Colin CC for their next DB project.
For more information visit www.colincc.com.