Avante Health Solutions

Phone: 800-449-5328

212 Avenida Fabricante,
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  • Avante Health Solutions is an integrated solutions provider for healthcare and veterinary facilities seeking to maximize capital equipment performance. Avante is focused on the complete lifecycle of medical, surgical, patient monitoring, diagnostic imaging, cath/angio, CT and radiation oncology equipment, including sales, install, service, repair, sourcing and refurbishing.
    Avante Medical Surgical - Formerly DRE Medical

    Avante Patient Monitoring - Formerly Pacific Medical

    Avante Diagnostic Imaging - Formerly Transtate & EMS

    MRI National Service Center (877) 255-9139
    Cath/Angio CT National Service Center (800) 710-9996
    Avante Ultrasound - Formerly GMI & Ultra Solutions
    Avante Oncology Services -Formerly Oncology Services International

  • michael.bringas@avantehs.com
  • Avante is a one-source solutions provider, giving health care facilities across the globe access to quality new and refurbished medical equipment, installation, service, parts, repair and technical support. Avante has amassed a best-in-market breadth of products and services which has positioned it as a cost-effective alternative to major equipment manufacturers.


    In 2018, Avante continued to expand its geographic coverage and capabilities by welcoming Equipment Maintenance Solutions (EMS) and Ultra Solutions as new additions to its rapidly growing family of companies. EMS and Ultra Solutions further strengthened Avante’s robust diagnostic imaging and ultrasound product and service offerings.
    “Avante is happy to welcome two additional companies who share our values and commitment to quality products and high-touch customer service,” said Steve Inacker, Avante’s President and Chief Operating Officer. “These recent additions in the diagnostic imaging and ultrasound markets will accelerate growth and allow us to offer even more to our customers.”

    Avante’s Advantages

    One Convenient Source
    Avante provides its customers with unprecedented access to a complete range of imaging and ultrasound equipment options for any facility type, size or specialty. In addition, Avante offers support throughout the entire equipment lifecycle – from sourcing and installation, to repairs, parts and service.

    By relying on Avante as a single point of contact for their health care equipment needs, medical facilities can focus on what they do best: delivering quality care to patients. For a full menu of imaging related products and services visit AvanteHS.com.

    Unparalleled Value
    Beyond offering customers a single source for all their equipment needs, Avante provides the highest product and service quality offering among independent service organizations at a significant discount to the original equipment manufacturers.

    “Our primary goal is to continue to be recognized by our customers and the market as a high-quality, low-cost alternative to the OEMs for the product and service solutions that we offer,” Inacker said.

    Brand Agnostic Approach
    Avante utilizes an unbiased, brand indifferent strategy that allows the company to provide its customers with the best equipment and service for their needs. This includes new or professionally refurbished equipment options from leading manufacturers, as well as the technical expertise to service and repair equipment from all major equipment manufacturers.

    Forward Thinking
    Avante’s belief is that in today’s health care environment, doing more with less requires a progressive strategy and a new way of thinking: that better health care starts with seeing a better way forward. Avante strives to be a better partner, budget alternative and total solution. The Avante family of companies unites the best-of-the-best in the industry and allows the group to provide comprehensive quality care to its customers. For more information, visit AvanteHS.com.

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