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  • AllParts provides OEM replacement, Dunlee and Philips parts from its 80,000 square foot facility in Nashville, TN. In addition to part sales, AllParts has an extensive probe repair department capable of performing a multitude of repairs across virtually all probe types. AllParts also provides customers an extensive array of in-depth training classes and technical support before and after the sale. An ISO 13485:2003 Certified Quality Management System helps deliver an industry leading warranty rate for parts across multiple manufacturers (GE, Siemens, OEC, Philips) and multiple modalities (CT, MRI, CV/R&F, General Rad, Portable/C-Arm, Ultrasound).

  • Corporate Profile: AllParts Medical

    Medical Dealer Magazine | Corporate Profile | AllParts Medical

    Siemens Espree – part of the AllParts expanded MRI suites

    Winning Team Builds on Expertise

    Medical Dealer Magazine | Corporate Profile | AllParts Medical

    “Teamwork” is a catchprased for almost all organizations and sayings like “team player” and “whatever is best for the team” echo through workplaces across the nation.

    At AllParts Medical, the “team” concept is more than a catchphrase. It is the way things are done from the top down. Steve Cannon, President of AllParts Medical, said the success of the company is a reflection of the hard work that goes on at the company’s Nashville, Tenn.-based Center of Technical Excellence.

    The company is able to achieve its goals by following some fundamental keys to success, Cannon said. Those goals are:

    • Building the best team in the business
    • Investing in our IT infrastructure
    •  Maintaining a strong focus on the customer experience
    • Keeping pace with our customer’s business through our inventory investments and expansion of our technical training and support programs
    • Continuing emphasis and focus on quality

    Cannon said that he conducts monthly meetings with employees where he reminds them that the growth and success of the business is not because of any one person. Each employee, with an average of 20 years industry experience, plays an important role in the overall success the business has enjoyed over the last seven years. The success is the result of every employee understanding how their role and actions contributes to the overall mission every day.

    The creation of this winning team began in 2009 as AllParts and CT Resources combined forces and became AllParts Medical. The new company experienced strong growth and expansion and in 2011, the company was acquired by Philips Healthcare.

    Cannon said the company is still growing with the recent completion of a 40,000 square foot expansion of the facility and the award of ISO 13485:2003 certification in May of this year.

    Medical Dealer Magazine | Corporate Profile | AllParts Medical“A key challenge for our team and business last year was simply keeping pace with the phenomenal growth we experienced, along with the expansion of formal contractual relationships within our customer base and the entry into new markets,” Cannon explained. “At the same time, we completed an expansion of our facility that allowed us to increase the number of installed imaging systems used for technical training and parts testing from 20 to more than 60 systems today. In addition, we began the migration to a new IT platform and the pursuit of our ISO certification.

    “We effectively addressed each of these opportunities through the commitment and dedication of our team,” he said. “Our staff remained focused on delivering a worldclass experience to our customers every day, while also keeping their eye on the long-term objectives of the broader business. Philips Healthcare accelerated investment in personnel, resources, inventory, QA bays, IT infrastructure and driving quality resulting in ISO 13485:2003 certification.”

    Entry into the ultrasound market and a new mobile application has Cannon and the rest of the team at AllParts Medical fired up as the company strives for excellence in everything that it does for its clients. “There are many exciting things occurring at AllParts Medical,” Cannon said. “We are excited about the recent introduction of our entry into the ultrasound market. We have been able to build our ultrasound parts and probe inventory, recruit highly skilled ultrasound engineers and begin marketing this new program to our customers.”

    “We are also extremely excited about the introduction of our new mobile application. Through the use of this new technology, imaging engineers have the ability to place and track parts orders with AllParts Medical through their mobile devices,” he explained. “This new product places our company in a leading edge position from a new technology standpoint.

    “Last, but certainly not least, is our recent award of ISO 13485:2003 certification,” Cannon said. “Achieving ISO 13485:2003 certification further reinforces AllParts Medical’s commitment to continuous quality improvement across our entire business.”

    Keeping pace with its own growth while also achieving the ISO 13485:2003 certification is one example of how important every member of the AllParts Medical team is to the company.

    “This certification is a significant milestone for AllParts Medical in our continuing quest to provide the highest quality of parts and service to our customer,” Cannon said. “Quality has always been a key focus for our business and employees, but achieving certification is a clear signal that we wanted to take our quality program and processes to the next level.

    “We strongly believe that by ‘documenting what we do and then doing what we have documented’ we further improve the consistency and standardization of our programs and services within our business,” Cannon explained. “Whether we are delivering technical training or support to one of our customers, providing a replacement part for a high-end imaging system or removing and relocating an imaging system, our ISO certified quality program confirms we have the ability to provide these programs and services consistently time after time after time.

    “With this certification and our constant focus on quality, our customers have an increased level of trust and confidence in the quality of parts and support they receive from AllParts Medical,” he continued. “This focus on quality, along with the breadth of services provided to our customers, enables AllParts Medical to become the ‘vendor of choice’ in the third party imaging parts and support market.”

    The collaboration with Philips Healthcare also aided AllParts Medical. Cannon said everybody experiences “growing pains” but having Philips Healthcare on the team helped tremendously.

    “The acquisition by Philips Healthcare has been very positive for AllParts Medical, our employees and our customers,” Cannon explained. “Over the past two years, Philips has been a great business partner, providing the necessary funding and resources to enable AllParts to complete our facility expansion, add additional capabilities from a modality and equipment model standpoint, and recruit the additional staff needed to meet the growing demand from our customers.

    “Within the last 12 months, Philips has been very supportive in the development and implementation of new IT programs and a much needed resource in our pursuit of ISO 13485:2003 certification,” he said.

    The growth has been fast-paced, but AllParts Medical has remained focused on its winning game plan. The company has no plans to slow down as it strives to remain a leader in the industry.

    “A key market differentiator for AllParts Medical compared to our competition is the breadth of programs and services we provide over a diverse selection of equipment manufacturers, modalities and models of equipment. We have imaging systems installed in our facility ranging from portables and C-arms to cardiovascular systems to MRI,” Cannon said when asked about what sets AllParts Medical apart from others in the industry.

    “In addition, AllParts Medical maintains an extensive inventory of replacement parts for imaging systems, enabling us to meet more of customers’ demand for quality, competitively priced parts,” he said.

    “Today, that inventory includes approximately 25,000 parts and we are adding to that inventory on a weekly basis.

    “AllParts Medical also performs component level repair across a wide variety of imaging replacement parts,” he said. “We have assembled a team of highly skilled, component level repair technicians who not only repair highly complex components today, but also develop new and leading edge repair processes for the organization.”

    Cannon explained that AllParts Medical has also grown when it comes to how customers can conduct business.

    “We have also made substantial IT investments over the past two years, including the enhancement of our customer portal and the introduction of a mobile application for iPhone and iPad technology,” he explained. “Our portal provides customers with the ability to place parts orders online and access to their respective purchase and savings information, along with status of exchange parts, warranty claims, etc.

    “Our mission is to provide our customers with a comprehensive imaging service support program, enabling them to do more of the service with their own team,” Cannon said. “By doing so, our customers can address equipment failures more quickly, minimize equipment downtime and ultimately improve the delivery of care to the patient.” Customer satisfaction is a priority for everybody at the company, but Cannon points out that “everything we do has an impact on patient care” and that is something his team is mindful of at all times. He said it motivates them to maintain the highlevel of service that AllParts Medical has a reputation for delivering. And this is what drives the organization to be the very best at what they do.

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