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  • AUE’s only business is Ultrasound. We specialize in selling new and refurbished systems, parts, probes and peripherals. AUE performs all repairs in- house, down to the component level. As a multi-vendor supplier, we have parts and o er technical support on all major brands of ultrasound. AUE is built on Reputation — providing high-quality workmanship and customer service on everything we do.

  • Advanced Ultrasound Electronics

    Medical Dealer Magazine | Corporate Profile | Advanced Ultrasound Electronics

    In 2001, John Hryshchuk had a novel idea: to found a company that would exclusively provide ultrasound repairs down to component level. With help from his brothers George and Greg, John founded Advanced Ultrasound Electronics in Tulsa, Okla. The independent service organization was one of the first companies created to specialize in ultrasound repair.

    The company was met with immediate success and demand in the market. “It wasn’t long before AUE expanded into selling many different ultrasound parts, probes systems and field service,” George Hryshchuk says. Through the next decade, the company would steadily expand its repair capabilities to meet the needs of a growing customer base. With a broad knowledge of the technology that started in 1997, when John was performing reverse engineering repair on PCBs, AUE was well equipped to continue to expand the company’s offerings.

    Now, 12 years later, Advanced Ultrasound Electronics (AUE) provides a full spectrum of ultrasound products and services and boasts growth of 30 percent per year, on average. Even so, the company has maintained a sharp focus on high-quality repair, top-notch customer service and Hryshchuk’s founding principles that made the company a success.

    “We became successful because we were truly dedicated to repairing the PCBs,” John says. “We invested in having not only the equipment to do the work, but also the ultrasound machines.”


    AUE has maintained steady growth by consistently supplying high quality parts and service to dealers and end user hospital IDNs. The company has also maintained a rare balance: “We have kept our costs low by maintaining just the right amount of inventory based on current market conditions,” George says.

    Medical Dealer Magazine | Corporate Profile | Advanced Ultrasound Electronics

    “You always have to know what the OEM is doing as far as the technology that’s out there and try to adjust accordingly to help support the customer base that looks for alternative service providers.” By keeping up with the pulse of the market, as well as staying in tune with customers’ needs and continuously soliciting feedback, AUE has continually improved its QA process to achieve a higher standard for all the repairs it performs and all the parts it sells.

    To accommodate rapid growth – more than 30 percent every year for the last three years, on average – the company has continued to hire additional technicians and engineers. This includes a partnership with industry veteran Jim Cook to assist with tech support and field service as well as the addition of Rick Cronkrite in field service. The company has also expanded field service in Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona and throughout the Southwest and hired a new Outside Sales Director, Shawn Bryant. The company now supports the entire Southwest and has also expanded its OEM capabilities by investing in the Philips IU22/IE33 technologies, as well as GE, Siemens S2000 and Antares systems. The company recently began specializing in the S2000 and is currently performing research and development on the GE Vivid and Logiq E9 and Philips CX50 systems. AUE has also added parts sales for many of these systems, which are traditionally difficult to find.

    AUE has also added staff members to its shipping team to accommodate the 600 to 800 items that pass through the shipping and receiving department every month. AUE plans to continue adding more inside sales people, and adding outside sales staff in all the areas where field service is located. Expansion happens carefully and steadily at AUE.

    The company has also added three training classes: basic ultrasound training, specific classes on the Philips IU22 and IE33 and GE system training. AUE training specialists can train customers in their own facilities, for convenience and to ensure they can help meet the specific challenges each facility presents. “Our training program is customized on a case-by-case basis,” John says.


    Medical Dealer Magazine | Corporate Profile | Advanced Ultrasound ElectronicsGeorge credits AUE’s success to the consistent quality of its products, as well as competitive pricing – AUE’s parts are consistently lower than the OEM’s, and many times lower than other dealers. But the main reason, he says, “is due to the fact that we treat customers the way we would want to be treated.” That involves listening to customers’ needs and always increasing inventory and stay up-to-date on new technologies that are coming out.

    Case in point: AUE team members regularly work after hours and on weekends without complaint to ensure they get the job done for their customers. “We blind shipped a part for our customer, TROFF Medical, who had a customer with a problem with a Philips 5000,” George says. “John provided technical support on a Saturday to help him replace a hard drive and make sure his options, presets and network settings were correct for a full day of studies on Monday.” That’s the kind of support AUE customers have come to expect.

    The company only sells parts they have in stock, meaning they’ll always be able to provide technical support. They never second source equipment or parts, and most technicians have a vast enough knowledge to provide on-the-spot troubleshooting when a customer calls.

    “We don’t have a huge workforce but the employees we have know how to do not only their job, but able to support others within the organization,” George says.

    He expects the company to continue to grow, expanding field service territories and continually supporting new product lines as they are introduced. Plus, the company will continue to maintain and grow its reputation for reliability, accountability and sustainability.

    Medical Dealer Magazine | Corporate Profile | Advanced Ultrasound Electronics

    George says that one of the keys to AUE’s success has been its commitment to face-to-face customer interaction. “I always like to put a name with a face and meet the people I deal with,” he says. “It might be old fashioned, but that’s how I do business. It’s more personal than talking over the phone or via email. I travel to client sites and meet customers at tradeshows and conferences,” he says.

    Look for AUE At CABMET in August, the Medical Dealer Leadership Summit in Chicago, and at the MD Expo in October. George says he is able to help run the company and travel often partly because of the help he receives through MD Publishing’s advertising services.
    “For smaller family-type companies you wear so many hats and that helps relieve some of the stress. It’s hard to keep advertising straight when you’re doing everything from selling, quoting, meeting people,” he says.

    MD Publishing is currently in the process of redesigning AUE’s website. The new website will feature a sleek design and user-friendly applications and will go live later this summer.

    George says that with all the growth that has taken place in recent years, AUE is also considering moving to a larger facility. All in all, though, AUE has stayed to its founding principles, and to the commitment to the customer at an individual level that the company is known for. “We will stay late to make sure tested parts are shipped out, and we will provide technical support and extensive part knowledge for everything we sell,” George says.

    For more information about AUE call 866.620.2831 or visit

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