Company Showcase: Medical Imaging Resources, Inc.

Company Showcase: Medical Imaging Resources, Inc.

Imaging Systems & Mobile Solutions

Medical Dealer recently sat down with John Vartanian, owner of Medical Imaging Resources, Inc., to find out more about the successful mobile imaging equipment company.

Medical Dealer: Please share a little bit about your company’s history and how you achieved success.

Vartanian: I started the company in 1992 with one other gentleman who is now retired. We started with very little and built the company one step at a time, like a lot of companies do. I was a service engineer for many different companies prior to starting Medical Imaging Resources, working on both installed imaging systems for hospitals and on mobiles. My business partner and I saw a place for a company like ours in the market.

We saw an opportunity to bring value through technical knowledge, and that is to say, rather than just being sales guys and not understanding what it is you just sold, we can actually help educate the customer so they can make a better decision on a service, product or turnkey project. We can explain the ins and outs and challenges. When we opened, most other companies were not able to do that.

Medical Dealer: What kinds of unique solutions do you offer?

Vartanian: Customers will call us and say they need a new imaging system but don’t have the budget for it. Our solution is to first go with a mobile. We go by the philosophy that if you build it they will come. One customer went from no revenue for CT to $500,000 in annual revenue with a mobile. They were able to take that data to administration and then get an in-house CT purchase approved. So in that case, mobile was a stepping-stone for increasing a hospital’s offerings and revenue.

If a hospital is going to keep mobile imaging equipment for an extended period of time, we have a 12-foot by 60-foot modular transportable solution, which is 25 percent larger than a standard mobile trailer and can be combined to create a much larger environment. The modular solution gives the patient and operators the ability to walk all the way around the magnet, so they feel less claustrophobic. With combined units, you can create a fully functional imaging department with a waiting room, dressing room and reception area. Modular labs are at ground level, which offers much easier access than a mobile. This is a good solution for facilities that have overflow, that have run out of real estate inside, or that are working on an addition, which could take years.

We also offer interim service, which is ideal for facilities that purchase new equipment and need to fill the downtime period.

Medical Dealer: Tell us about your equipment.

Vartanian: We offer the same medical imaging services in a modular lab as we do in our mobile systems: Cath Lab; Angiography/ Interventional Radiology/ Peripheral; MRI; CT; PET/CT; and Nuclear Medicine. No matter what imaging equipment you need in a modular unit, and no matter how much space and what setup you need, we will make it happen. Our modular imaging solutions include complete turnkey service and 24/7 OEM support.

Medical Imaging Resources operates systems from all four major imaging manufacturers and specializes in GE and Siemens equipment. We buy high-quality refurbished equipment and perform refurbishment in-house when necessary.

Medical Dealer: What are some advantages that your company has over the competition?

Vartanian: One of our major advantages is that we provide mobile services at a very competitive price point. A lot of competitors are much, much larger corporations, and they’ve got publicly held margins they have to make. We’re much more flexible and come with an extremely high level of service. Say a hospital needs a walkway or canopy to the trailer. We offer services to help design it, plan it and build it. We offer more of an end-to-end solution, so we take some of the headache away from the facilities side. We will do the facility work to make sure it all comes together. We try to make it an easy experience.

We also offer custom options. Many hospitals prefer decking to the traditional patient lift. We will build up ramping and decking so clinicians can push a gurney or wheelchair into a mobile. We also provide power-monitoring services before and during the lease, where we will put our electronic monitoring gauges on the facility’s incoming power to make sure it is stable and that the mobiles work well.

Medical Dealer: Tell us about your service offerings.

Vartanian: We are 100 percent responsible for the maintenance of the machine inside the trailer and the functionality of the entire mobile environment, and we handle any emergency service calls that are required.

We have a nationwide network of service people we work with, and in some cases the machines are covered under manufacturer service. About 90 percent of our systems are connected for remote monitoring. We can even remote monitor incomng power. We also stock commonly failing parts to help ensure timely repair and maximum uptime.

Medical Dealer: Tell us about a time that you saved the day for a customer.

Vartanian: During Hurricane Sandy, NYU Hospital was completely flooded, when the East River rose. Water flowed into the ground floor of the hospital, where all the imaging equipment was housed. It all got ruined, so they were without imaging services. We had the perfect mobile for them, which was coming to the end of a contract with a hospital in Michigan. We were able to convince the hospital to give it up a few days earlier so we could get it to the hospital in need. We got the unit, which was equipped with a Siemens 1.5 T MRI, to NYU right before the holiday season. NYU had a Joint Commission inspection coming up Dec. 21 that would determine whether they could have ancillary services in their hospital over the holiday season. We worked until 4 a.m. installing this mobile unit, in the courtyard of NYU in the bitter cold. In the end it worked out and they got their inspection, got their certification, and were able to service patients over the holidays. This was a great community story of collaboration among a private company like ourselves, a nonprofit hospital and a big university hospital that suffered a major blow. Everybody came together and made it happen.

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