Company Showcase: First Call Parts


First Call Parts recently celebrated its 20th anniversary with 10 of those years being in the parts business. The company quickly became a leader in the replacement parts industry because of its dedication to quality, consistency and reliability.

“Our engineers have over 70 years combined experience in this industry and are committed to ensuring excellence,” First Call Parts President Steve Bush explains. “We strive to provide customer service and quality replacement parts that set the bar high and promote customer loyalty.”

“We know that the parts we sell have a direct impact on the lives of people, so we make every effort to ensure that we provide parts that are of the highest quality and that we make it easy for customers to get them,” he adds.

First Call Parts focuses on replacement parts for GE, Philips, and Siemens in the Cath/Angio, RAD, and R/F modalities, but they also offer training to customers.  Along with their Axiom Artis course, they are now offering an Artis Zee class taught by the Director of Engineering, Frank Irelan. Their next Axiom Artis course is October 24 through November 4, 2016. Their upcoming Artis Zee class is October 10 through October 14, 2016.


First Call Parts is an individually owned and operated small business that is doing big things.

“The size of the company allows us to have a quick reaction time and proactive approach to handling our customers’ needs. We can provide custom solutions without the red tape that a lot of our competitors face,” Bush says.

First Call Parts shows dedication to delivering customized and effective solutions through its TechVantage Plus program. Customers who are interested in learning the details of this program should contact their sales representative.

“From the rolling out of our web app and portal to the progression of our website, we have put parts pictures, part identification, inventory levels, and a host of other technical support and installation support documentation at the fingertips of customers,” Bush states. “We are in the final stages of our ERP transition and will soon be able to offer our customers even more opportunity, such as the ability to shop for parts online.”

Integration of technology is something that First Call Parts has on the horizon.

“This technological expansion will allow us to work together with our customers to solve their pain points and meet their needs all while saving them money and promoting efficiency,” Bush explains. “We will be able to anticipate preventive maintenance needs and streamline the process of purchasing parts from both our perspective and that of our customers.”

First Call Parts is committed to providing new opportunities to customers and also to providing education in the midst of challenges posed by the health care industry.

“We believe it is our responsibility to help our customers understand the difference between a ‘used part’ and a ‘tested part’ when they are faced with challenges of cost control measures,” Bush says. “We want our customers to know what it means to buy a part that was harvested ‘from a working system’ versus buying a part that was tested in a test bay.”

“First Call Parts is not just harvesting and selling parts; we have over 30 installed test bays that allow our engineers and technicians to truly confirm a customer is getting the best product for their money,” he continues. “Our parts rival OEM replacement parts and we stand behind them with our warranty. With over 80,000 parts in stock, we are devoted to getting our customers the part they need and ensuring that it is of the quality they deserve and depend on.”

“Among the uncertainty of pending FDA regulations and with the upcoming election year, First Call Parts has faced many of the same challenges as others in the industry. We believe that both the manufacturer and the third party have a place in every clinical engineering department. We recognize the importance of balance between the OEM and third party and are invested in maintaining that balance,” Bush states.

As testament to their quality management system, First Call Parts gained certification to ISO 9001:2015 in August 2016 for the breakdown of diagnostic imaging systems and the repair, refurbishment, and testing of imaging system parts.

“Our certification shows that we have a quality management system that is built to foster continual improvement and to provide a product that meets the needs of our customers,” Bush explains. “First Call Parts pursued this certification so that our customers could have the confidence of knowing that they are buying from a company whose quality management system has been tried, tested, and proven effective by a third party.”

First Call Parts is also working toward certification to ISO 13485:2016. This will help refine its quality management system even further as the company looks to expand its business into the manufacturing realm.

“With the speed at which technology is advancing and the rate at which cost is decreasing, we believe that 3D printing and additive technology will have a place in the medical field in the near future,” Bush says. “First Call Parts is looking forward to progressing so that we can provide our customers with even more options.”

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