Company Showcase: BMX-RAY

Company Showcase: BMX-RAY

Max Ende began BMX-RAY in the winter of 2010 with a set of tools, a goal, a plan and a prayer.

“My goal was to offer the imaging engineer a service designed for him or her. Everyone in our industry knows that the imaging departments of hospitals are demanding environments and naturally demand high performance from the technical staff that services their equipment,” Masters says. “The problem is that imaging techs are under a big gun when patient care is impacted when the X-ray equipment that they are responsible for maintaining is down or under-performing.”

“My company’s philosophy is to craft solutions around targeted equipment issues that engineers can quickly solve with low-cost solutions,” Masters explains. “We began with collimators and expanded into foot switches, generator control consoles, table controllers, table tops, tube chillers, etc.”

In its fifth year of business, BMX-RAY is an aftermarket medical imaging device company poised to make a bigger name for itself in the ISP and biomed markets.

Medical Dealer Magazine | Company Showcase | BMX RAY“We saw the need for an alternative to high-cost medical imaging parts and devices to which independent service providers, in-house biomedical engineers and end-users were subjected to in our industry,” President of BMX-RAY Inc. Max Ende says.

“Our team of engineers has over 30 years of experience and within 24 hours, they can have a part repaired and ready for use,” he says. “This high level of efficiency distinguishes BMX-RAY from other companies who offer similar services.”

More than that, Masters said, the company is able to offer competitive pricing at a savings of about 50 to 60 percent, greatly reducing the amount of money its customers might spend fixing the equipment sent to its shop — while getting repairs completed faster as well.

“We do not have the attitude that we have competitors. Like golfers, we strive to perfect our own game and let others do what they can with theirs,” Masters adds. “We constantly strive to perfect our processes to provide high-quality service.”

BMX-RAY initially focused its efforts on creating a depot repair service for medical imaging controls and collimators, but has expanded its service portfolio to include other significant technologies in the imaging market. A shift within the industry has kept BMX-RAY busy.

“The challenges over the last few years is a rapidly and drastically changing industry,” Masters says. “There are mergers, acquisitions, emerging buying groups and hospital closings that are a bit difficult to keep up with but we have found that through the many changes the relationships we have built are still intact and this has helped us.”

BMX-RAY offers repairs on the GE, Lytron and Solid State MR chillers, among other major cooling systems, at its 10,000-square-foot facility. With half that space dedicated to an electronics repair shop, mechanical machine shop and rework shop. The facility also offers the company room to grow and add services for additional devices.

Creating a more diversified product portfolio has been instrumental to the success of BMX-RAY, Ende said, but so has improving upon its ability to deliver what clients require with attention to detail, superior workmanship, efficient processes and a commitment to quality.

“The men and women in the biomedical field are already under enough pressure to meet their respective goals of safe and excellent patient care before you factor in regulatory demands,” Masters says. “We endeavor to ease some of those demands by providing a cost-effective and highly reliable service. So far we have been able to accomplish this, and we work very hard to maintain or exceed our goals.”

One way in which BMX-RAY has been able to adhere to its high standard of excellence, Masters said, has been an attempt to transcend the traditional boundaries of competition in the marketplace. He said that’s because the company boasts “a unique ability to do things that other companies are just not set up to do.”

“What we do is evaluate certain pieces of high-value, high-failure hardware that we can create a process around, and sell the service,” Ende states.

“There are some items we won’t do simply because someone else is already doing it and they do a very good job,” he says. “What we do is find an item that no one is doing and develop the processes and quality controls around that.”

What makes BMX-RAY able to meet the demands of its clientele is its commitment to speed, quality and reliability, Masters said. The company offers a one-day turnaround time for most repairs and refurbishment jobs — an unparalleled level of service in the industry.

“That’s what we base our business on — quality parts, reliable, prompt repair time and the willingness to get it done,” he says.

At BMX-RAY, adherence to an ISO 9001:2008-based quality management system also goes a long way toward establishing a culture of repeatable processes and reproducible results that underscore its long-term commitment to quality, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, Masters says.

He credits the staff at BMX-RAY with being able to meet customers’ needs, including warehouse manager and chief machinist Alex Dubois.

“I can give him the most mangled-up mess of a collimator cover, and he gives it back looking like it came from the factory,” Masters says.

He also has kind words for his colleagues, office manager Bevvie-Del Ende, “who keeps everything from falling apart,” and Stephen Ende, who helps in the warehouse and teardown shop.

In living the values you might expect from a family business, Masters says, BMX-RAY “fosters a team approach to problem-solving and preventive action by empowering all employees to be quality ambassadors.”

“If you need a reliable repair option on a Siemens, GE, Philips or Swiss Ray parts, then give us a try,” Masters says.

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