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Founded in 1990, Axiomtek is a major design and manufacturing company in the industrial and embedded computer field that has successfully gained worldwide recognition for its innovative designs and outstanding customer satisfaction.

“Our customers come to us when they want a single, reliable, and valuable source for their industrial computer and embedded platforms,” according to the Axiomtek website. “As a leading industrial computer manufacturer, Axiomtek is devoted to producing state-of-the-art solutions that support users in achieving their goals.”


Axiomtek’s product offerings include many industrial-grade computer hardware items made to meet the stringent requirements of specific markets including medical panel PCs, embedded motherboards, embedded systems, transportation systems, automation controllers, IoT gateway devices, M2M systems, touch panel computers, gaming solutions, network appliance platforms, industrial network, and digital signage players.

“Our experienced design engineering services team is what sets us apart. We are not too small to handle large and complex integration requirements and yet not too big to provide very personalized services,” said Dave Starrett, Axiomtek VP of Eastern Regional Business Unit. “Our engineering team works with large- and medium-size medical device/equipment companies to help alleviate their development headaches and shorten their deployment time. We often work as an extended part of our customer’s engineering resources and go beyond the call of duty to accommodate the customer’s requests.”

Axiomtek excels at providing design and customization assistance

axiom-quote-maroon-2Axiomtek’s design assistance services were created to offer indispensable help to achieve critical development tasks during the development through deployment process. These services can help medical system integrators deal with issues with board or system layout, computing performance requirements, electrical design, heat dissipation, verification tests, production quality control, documentation, certification requirements, etc. Axiomtek’s design assistance services will reduce design uncertainty and risks associated with a customer’s application deployment. Axiomtek’s teams have provided their products and services to many leading medical device equipment manufacturers and integrators. The company has a vast amount of medical device design support experience, great customization capabilities, and R&D resources to support projects of any size and complexity. As an extremely versatile turnkey manufacturer with the ability to turn concepts and ideas into real solutions, Axiomtek’s medical market customers have enjoyed personalized support and an innovative approach to design to meet the challenges of each unique application and shorten deployment time.


Axiomtek takes pride and ownership in its work through a commitment for excellence in quality and getting results. One example is how the company was selected to provide a customized, high-performance motherboard for a DNA sequencing machine that had many stringent requirements. Since the customer requested a single board computer (SBC) that was unlike any motherboard available at the time, Axiomtek’s design-in services provided crucial help throughout the entire development process for the customer, which resulted in a customized SBC that fit their application needs. Starting from initial planning, design, testing, and validation to the ready-to-ship phase, Axiomtek’s design-in services offered key assistance in all facets of the customization process to ensure that the final product worked reliably in mission critical environments. This meant careful design and planning in order to produce an effective prototype for the customer that took into account a variety of critical factors including computing capability, processing speed, storage needs, communications and data transfer, and compatibility.

Axiomtek was selected for many critical projects because its teams offered customized and personalized services that went beyond expectations.

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