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The InterMed Group, a provider of multi-modal health technology management (HTM) services, has selected the Nuvolo cloud-based enterprise asset management (EAM) platform to deliver next generation service efficiency, quality and reliability to its clinical health care clients.
Built on ServiceNow, Nuvolo is a cloud-based EAM company. Nuvolo was honored this year by ServiceNow and its clients for achieving the Americas’ highest customer satisfaction rating and ranking as the top independent software vendor (ISV) globally.
InterMed’s focus on clinical engineering services delivers better patient care by ensuring that some of the most complex and essential equipment used in the medical industry today – including digital radiography, X-ray computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and other nuclear, ultrasound and optical-imaging techniques – are safe, compliant and operational. The company provides a range of services including a group of on-call, mobile professionals that supplement internal resources called “jump teams”, to fully managed services for ultra-sophisticated and lifesaving health care equipment.
Reliable online and offline mobile and timely access to operational data is mission critical to InterMed for excellence in service delivery, maximum equipment uptime and safe, quality patient care. Nuvolo’s modern, cloud-based clinical asset management platform is purpose-built to deliver these results.
“We evaluated more than 10 CMMS or EAM technologies in the market, and chose Nuvolo because no other provider even came close,” said Rick Staab, CEO of InterMed. “It is by far the most flexible, advanced and modern health technology management platform. The company’s responsiveness is excellent and their platform is fully optimized to manage the complex and expensive devices we service and maintain. We always strive to bring the best capability to our clients, and Nuvolo is clearly the best.”
“InterMed is a progressive and innovative services organization that has built a national network of top-tier technicians. The InterMed team delivers industry-leading service management for a fleet of complex and sophisticated medical equipment,” said Tom Stanford, CEO of Nuvolo. “We are pleased to have such an exceptional group of clinical health care technology specialists select our EAM platform as a critical enabler of their health care service management business. We are excited to be moving ahead in this strategic partnership.”
For more information on Nuvolo and The InterMed Group, visit www.nuvolo.com and www.intermed1.com.