Toshiba Medical Aplio


Toshiba Medical Aplio i-series ultrasound platform

Toshiba Medical is launching the Aplio i-series ultrasound platform. The Aplio i-series’ helps increase diagnostic confidence and offers a more cost-effective, less invasive and safer solution than other radiation emitting modalities. The Aplio i-series is a highly advanced and scalable ultrasound solution made up of the Aplio i700 and Aplio i800, which are both FDA cleared and are ideal for shared service departments with a high patient throughput. Both systems include iPerformance technologies that deliver extreme processing power and allow health care providers to see more. A new beam-forming technology, iBeam, optimizes efficiency of the beam, increasing penetration, spatial resolution and contrast resolution, while at the same time reducing artifacts and clutter. The i800 offers advanced clinical applications, including an ultra-high frequency transducer (24 MHz) that makes it easier for clinicians to image superficial structures and expand the use of diagnostic ultrasound.

Final Product: Philips EPIQ7