Sigma Spectrum Infusion System


Sigma Spectrum Infusion System

Baxter’s Sigma Spectrum Infusion System hardware works in concert with the pump’s software to encourage use of innovative features that are designed to help enhance patient safety and clinician efficiency. The system defaults to the drug library safety feature when powered on and offers wireless connectivity capability for interoperability with EMR systems and wireless drug library updates. The system also can provide internal support for Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) asset management, is the only pump with a Dose/Rate Change Error Prevention Feature, which helps clinicians protect high-risk infusions during titrations, and boasts industry-leading drug library compliance1.

1Smart Pumps 2016: The Quest for Patient Safety, August 2016, (C) KLAS All Rights Reserved,

The Sigma Spectrum Infusion Pump with Master Drug Library is intended to be used for the controlled administration of fluids. These may include pharmaceutical drugs, blood, blood products and mixtures or required patient therapy. The intended routes of administration consist of the following clinically accepted routes: intravenous, arterial, sub-cutaneous, epidural or irrigation of fluid space.

Final Product: MRidium 3860+