Ruhof ScopeValet™ Valvesafe™

Ruhof ScopeValet™ Valvesafe™


Valvesafe™ is a single-use endoscope valve cage for the safe storage of endoscope valves ensuring they remain as part of a unique set with the parent endoscope. It helps meet national and international recommended guidelines (AORN, ANSI/AAMI, SGNA, BSG, ESGE) stating endoscope valves (including rinsing valves) stay with the named endoscope throughout the cleaning process. Valves (including rinsing valves) should stay with a named endoscope as a set, to prevent cross-infection and enable full traceability. This is a single-use product which cannot be reused and thus aids in the reduction of cross-contamination. For more details, visit

Final Product: Olympus OER-Pro