Product Showroom: Wireless Patient Monitors

Nellcor OxiNet III



The Nellcor OxiNet III remote oximetry alarm systems extend continuous pulse oximetry to patients on general care floors, step-down units and specialty care areas. The system provides continuous central station monitoring of up to 24 Nellcor pulse oximeters, providing earlier notification of developing respiratory events. The system has a fully integrated CPU display with a touch screen keyboard. It is available in both hardwired and wireless configurations of up to 24 beds per system, and an optional paging system is available to supplement central station alarms. Patient trend data can be stored on USB drives for archive and analysis. Analysis software functionality has been integrated into the system to help streamline in-hospital sleep screening.

Philips IntelliVue MX40



The IntelliVue MX40 monitor is a wearable patient monitor that allows clinicians to monitor ambulatory patients, providing an alternative to traditional care for patients who are capable of walking and moving around. The monitor helps improve clinician workflow by providing local alarms to alert clinicians of patient condition changes, regardless of the patient’s location in the hospital.

Welch Allyn Connex Vital Signs Monitor



The Welch Allyn Connex Vital Signs Monitor is a touch screen monitor featuring bright colors, designed with minimal knobs and buttons for ease of cleaning. It is recommended for general care floors within the hospital and also for surgery centers and other ambulatory care offices. For hospitals, working with Connex VM software, clinicians can wirelessly send patient vitals directly to the EMR from the bedside, as the monitor connects to most leading EHR systems. Wireless capabilities are also available as an add-on after purchase. An advanced patient ID verifies the patient name. Physician offices can choose a specific workflow option: monitoring, spot check or triage.

GE AirStrip



GE AirStrip patient monitoring is a new mobile app for critical-care hospital units that allows clinicians to remotely access more than 100 patient measurements on iPhones and iPads. AirStrip Technologies is collaborating with GE to make this app widely available. Using the app, clinicians can interact with, manipulate and zoom in on many clinical measurements, including respiratory, cardiac, blood pressure and temperature, and access near-real-time patient information flows. Traditionally, mobile viewing applications do not provide this level of interactivity, offer limited data subsets, or do not enable live access to patient data, the company says.

By Lanier Norville on April 9, 2012

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