Masimo Renews its $1M Performance Guarantee

Masimo Renews its $1M Performance Guarantee

EMasimo has renewed its $1 million performance guarantee that Masimo SET Pulse Oximetry will outperform all Nellcor (part of Covidien and now Medtronic) pulse oximeters. Under the guarantee, if Masimo SET is proven not to be superior to all Nellcor pulse oximeters, including the three that Covidien announced have received FDA 510(k) clearance with motion claims, Masimo will pay up to $1 million to help a hospital acquire that pulse oximetry.

In addition to renewing the $1 million guarantee, Masimo has updated its website to respond to each of the claims in detail:

Masimo makes four promises to every hospital:

1. We will demonstrate the superior pulse oximetry performance of Masimo SET over Nellcor in a side-by-side comparison.

2. We will provide independent and objective scientific evidence of Masimo SET superiority over Nellcor, as well as the evidence demonstrating Masimo SET helps clinicians improve clinical and financial outcomes.

3. We strongly encourage scientific side-by-side evaluations of Masimo SET and Nellcor pulse oximetry in challenging conditions with automated data collection.

4. We are so confident that an objective comparison will reveal the clinical superiority of Masimo SET, we continue to offer a $1 million performance guarantee.

This offer is available to hospitals whose goal is to upgrade its pulse oximetry hospital-wide to the new standard. Important details, conditions, and qualifications for the challenge are available at •