Maquet installs hybrid OR

Maquet installs hybrid OR with Siemens angiography system

Physicians, hospital administrators and hospital design engineers can obtain comprehensive information about current solutions available for interdisciplinary patient care with the opening of the new hybrid OR at the Surgical Academy in Rastatt.

While the hybrid OR was primarily utilized for cardiovascular procedures, it can now be used in disciplines such as neurosurgery, orthopedics, trauma surgery and urology. "Hybrid operating rooms are most cost-effective when they are able to be used by various disciplines, for cardiovascular surgery as well as for normal OR operation, resulting in maximum utilization while minimizing downtime," said Klaus Christian, Global Project Manager for Hybrid ORs at Maquet.

The integrated robotic technology of Siemens’ Artis zeego enables the C-arm to be positioned in practically any position around the OR table and the patient. This allows the surgeon to view vessels, bones and organs precisely from all angles. In addition, through the fast rotation of its flat detector, Artis zeego generates a large number of optimal-quality CT-like 3D-images, which present new diagnostic and therapy perspectives. The Magnus OR table system and the angiography system comprise a completely integrated system, providing the surgeon with the greatest possible freedom of movement.