Fort Worth is Largest Sterilization Facility In Sterigenics’ Global Network

Sterigenics International LLC has announced the completion of another major expansion, this time to its Fort Worth, Texas facility, making it the largest sterilization facility in the company’s global network.

The $17.5 million expansion includes the installation of a new, state-of-the art Nordion JS10000 gamma irradiator that will dramatically increase Sterigenics’ total capacity, allowing customers to better address their geographic needs by taking advantage of Fort Worth’s growing importance as a commercial gateway to the United States.

“Fort Worth’s location along major transportation links makes it a natural distribution and logistics hub for manufacturers and for imports into the United States,” said Philip Macnabb, President of Sterigenics. “Our investment gives Sterigenics the extra capacity we need to benefit from these opportunities and will help make us the provider of choice for sterilization services in the Southwest.”

Opened in 1984, Sterigenics’ Fort Worth facility provides routine gamma, GammaStat rapid processing and process validation, and offers laboratory testing services through its Nelson Labs business. The expansion increases the facility’s total sterilization throughput by 60 percent, adding 50,000 pallets per year in capacity, 20 new employees, and 60,000 square feet to the building’s footprint. At 145,000 square feet Fort Worth is now the largest operation in Sterigenics’ global network.

To address the growing need for sterilization in many parts of the world, Sterigenics is making significant investments in technology to expand both Gamma and Ethylene Oxide (EO) capacity throughout its global network. On the Gamma side, in June, 2017, Sterigenics completed a project that tripled throughput at its operation in West Memphis, Arkansas, and opened a significant expansion in Gurnee, Illinois, in 2015. In addition, Sterigenics has expansion projects underway at its EO facilities in Ontario, California, Costa Rica, and Wiesbaden, Germany.