First Optima CT540 Scanner in the country installed at Jupiter Medical Center

First Optima CT540 Scanner in the country installed at Jupiter Medical Center

Jupiter Medical Center has installed the first GE Optima CT540 scanner. The advanced diagnostic computed tomography (CT) system offers improvements in image performance, workflow and lower dose imaging.

"Jupiter Medical Center has been a leader in dosereduction strategies," said Dr. Lee Fox, Chief of Radiology at Jupiter Medical Center. "Investing in GE's new technology provides another important tool in lowering radiation dose while providing high quality diagnostic information. We are proud to be the first in the country to offer this technology."

The Optima CT540 allows radiologists and other health care professionals to see inside the body – using a series of X-rays – and helps them diagnose and treat patients at JMC. In the past, lowering the amount of X-ray radiation in a CT scan increased the image's noise, or cloudiness, which in turn created an undesirable trade-off between image clarity and reduced levels of diagnostic X-ray dose.

"Patients are our top priority," said JMC's Sherri Lewman, Director of Imaging. "The new CT system helps us deliver superb care to our patients with significantly lower radiation dose levels and extraordinarily clear images."

CT, or computed tomography technology, is an advanced medical exam physicians use to diagnose serious illness or injury – especially when symptoms are not easily detected by a conventional physician exam. This system is employed in a variety of settings, including the ER and outpatient procedures.

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